Running a race without a goal

No hobby required

Entertainment industry continues to be produced

I’m one of the entertainment industry’s victims who had once been hooked on Hollywood cinema.
Right now I don’t spend any entertainment.
As a hobby of watching movies, there is nothing left.
I used to be foolish in the past when I was fooled by the virtual image of a movie and bought a product.
He takes lessons from the past and excludes hobbies.

Entertainment information is a lesson

I collect entertainment information every day alongside political and economic news.
We can still confirm that there are still entertainment industry casualties.
I can’t understand their movement at all.
Popular equal short circuit thinking.
Because that life is not boring and does not aim for something with logical thinking.
There were male and female classmates who were crazy about idols during my school days.
I was passionate about judo and wrestling in club activities when I was a student and had no interest in the entertainment of television programs.
My attitude in the past has not changed.
Certainly, there are people like me who have great ambitions and work hard toward their goals and dreams.
But such people are a minority.
Most humans are bred in giant businesses like sheep.

Throw away entertainment products now

Life is short, but it’s not really about dying next year.
1.Are you thinking about the future ten years from now?
2.Are you looking forward 10 years from now?
3.Are you turning things you can only do when you are young into hobbies and jobs?
Anyway, I take the entertainment industry as serious as global warming.
1.The pleasure of traveling abroad.
2.The pleasure of watching a movie.
3.The pleasure of the concert.
How much time is that pleasure?
I want the masses to understand its essence and stay away from real problems.

Discard common sense and be different

If you live according to common sense, you will become a prey of society.
I think it makes sense to do human activities.
If you abandon your hobby, you can make time for human activities.
Why do you like the same as everyone?
The number of PVs on blogs and the number of views on Youtube are no more.
I want to go completely different.
It’s a pleasure to see it with 99% of the public at all times with white eyes.
I’m just romantic that I’m just running a race without a goal.

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