Russian women are forbidden


Russian women are forbidden

I am not interested in special international marriage.
Perhaps I’m an international person who doesn’t specialize in other races.
Anyway, we recognize that other races are the same people.
Recently I watched an interesting Youtube video.
It’s a video from a Russian Youtuber from western Japan.
They are Japanese-speaking Russians living in Japan and have posted various videos about Japan and Russia.
In them they talked about Russian women.

Sensitivity differences

Russian women are forbidden.
To be clear, there is no nation in which all women look good.
Each person has different appearance preferences, and it is unlikely that a particular person will be highly evaluated.
Of course, women with various appearances live in Russia.
I’m thinking about the massive influence of the mass media and I’m careful about the brainwashing medium.
The definition of a Russian woman equal beauty is a big mistake.
And Russian Youtuber does not recommend international marriage with Russians.
Because they are Russians, they know the true shape and realities of Russians.
So I think you should follow their mention.

International marriage fraud

I often hear about the international marriage fraud of Ukrainian and Russian women.
I think there is a tendency for women in the world to look like blonde white women.
There is a tendency for men of color to be fond of white women.
So there are countless dating sites for Russian and Ukrainian women on the Internet.
There are people who scam for that situation.
Not very familiar with the situation in Ukraine, but their average monthly income seems to be around $ 600.
Many Ukrainian and Russian women want to marry abroad because they are very poor nations.
I myself have no interest in it.
And I also want to marry a foreign country as a son-in-law.
So I think their position is not bad for me who wants to go abroad or move abroad.

The virtual image of the model world and the real world of Russia

Many people rely on the entertainment industry to escape to the boring and painful everyday life of their day.
I think people who cannot distinguish between truth and virtual image will eventually fail in life.
I am a Japanese and have lived in Japan for more than 30 years, so I know about Japanese women.
The image of a true Japanese woman and a foreign Japanese woman are 180 degrees different.
It’s exactly the same.
If the misunderstandings work well together, I think that Russian women can be married internationally and be happy.
There is a real model Caucasian woman in an advertisement for a building in a city.
But they are people who sell virtual images to the general public.
And I’m convinced that evaluation of their appearance alone can have terrible consequences.
There is a high probability that the person of the image actually does not actually match the image.
1 Everything is about experience.
2 Experience fighting with Russians.
3 Experience arguing with a Russian woman.
4 Experience injured by Russians.
5 Experience slandered by Russian women.
6 Experience of suffering mental damage by the Russian state.
I can assert that pain is a human lesson.

I think the world’s man should think about international marriage with a Russian woman after having clashed with foreigners and Russians. The Russian Youtuber is partly Japaneseized, so it’s not always possible to find a negative opinion alone. Some of the views of the Russians themselves were interesting and helpful. That is useless knowledge.

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