I am thinking about satisfaction recently.
And I think that being unsatisfied is a very dangerous signal.
If you are satisfied with the current situation, the financial burden will be reduced.
So I try to be happy.
Certainly, the condition for creative activities is acceptance of poor life.
I have to eat a bad meal every day.
But hunger can make a bad meal delicious.
This is not a big deal.
It implies that there is no more satisfaction.


Everyone is dominated by advertising.
To me, advertising is like a disturbing fly.
Never be influenced by advertisements and have a desire to buy.
Humans who can get satisfaction by thinking are very interesting.
You may be dissatisfied with the depictions and still images that others are getting pleasure from.
Remember that all relationships have interests.
I am disgusted by the occurrence of such interests and are only interested in volunteer groups.

Standard of living

As always, there are people out in the car to go shopping.
I shop for food for three days in a neighborhood supermarket twice a week.
There are no travel expenses there, and I am trying to maintain my health and change my mood on foot.
I continue to reduce my standard of living.
Certainly there is stress in poor life, but thoughts can control it.
People suffer because they maintain a high standard of living.

Turn dissatisfaction into satisfaction

I don’t need family, friends, colleagues, companies, or money.
Because it turns dissatisfaction into satisfaction.
I’m constantly complaining.
You have to change it to satisfaction each time.
It’s like cleaning an aquarium regularly.
Tonight’s dinner is powdered soup with instant food and 3 loaves of bread.
However, I use the poverty situation for my creation.
When hungry, you can express a hungry and painful depiction.

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