Saturday and Sunday dusk


Saturday and Sunday dusk

My favorite time is dusk on Saturdays and Sundays.
I sometimes remember old times.
It’s a phenomenon that happens when you’re relaxing.
My current emotional tendency is the expectation of sadness towards humans.
And he sees a human being who is obedient to his own natural way of life.
As usual, human beings are not interesting.
There is nothing interesting.
I remember Saturday dusk and 10 days in France.
So I used to travel to France for 10 days.
It’s a really nostalgic event.
I can assure you that I will never go to France again.
My own goals, thought circuits and philosophies, now and in the past, have completely changed.
However, the world situation does not change.
The pride of people living with rigid sensibilities and values ​​is very high.
I am asking and answering something by myself.
And I don’t think there will be any more intensive events.


I think dusk is the time of death.
The ideal depiction of an old man dying in a lonely room at dusk during the hot summer months when cicadas are ringing.
It is natural to die lonely.
I don’t want to show anyone how I’m dying.
I’m a cat.
When a cat realizes its death, it seeks lonely death.
You can fully understand the emotional tendency of a single cat animal that disappears without greeting the owner.
Dogs that are obedient to their owners do not attach freedom to their one-time life.
It’s a very choice story.
I take a bath and look at the orange sky from the window at dusk, which I remember in the past.


People who are not good at using time and organizing their minds demand the passage of time quickly.
That’s a very wasteful thing.
The pleasant moment is absolutely dusk.
I don’t feel comfortable with the sunrise or the afternoon sun.

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