Saturday and Sunday

Bridges from Saturday evening to Sunday morning

I was able to record the shapes of plants with outdoor photography in the morning. I am thinking that the time is unbearable when I am boring days and that the upper class people living in America’s Beverly Hills are definitely only going to protect their jobs and wealth to protect their positions. I do not feel well anymore, so I’m thinking to eat lots of vegetables and I will energize and I will concentrate on my job hunting in earnest next week.

In my country I am supposed to change jobs from April and I think that I can change jobs as well. I am conscious of my work as economic activity and contributing to society is important and it is necessary to struggle with work in order to rule myself. It is strange that Saturday night makes me feel like a moment by something every time and reminds me of old times often.

My present wish is to have a nice dream tonight

I think that there is no better dream than to dream of kissing and having sex with a favorite person. A dream that never seems to be seen every evening is a magical thing and makes a nice dream occasionally good. Usually I see the dream is nothing blunt meaning Unknown dreams I wake up from my dreams in halfway endings We are coming back to reality. We will someday die. As we sleep it is going to disappear from the world. One day I will not return from my dream to reality The world of death is the world of death I am watching a good dream I’m watching a bad dream No one knows The destination after our death. It might be able to be seen if you think strongly about the person you like before sleeping tonight but it’s totally difficult.

The feeling of quietness of late night on Saturday night and the blank feeling of Sunday morning

My desire to die on Saturday as the last day of my life is to die my ideal death on Sunday morning peacefully in South America’s Argentinean Antarctic peninsula. Ideally it is ideal to quietly die while being hugged by an important person and my thought comes from the weak. The desire to love someone and to be loved by someone is never arrogant selfish and it is a fact that I want to realize love.

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