Saving life is good for us


Saving life

I thought about ways to reduce greenhouse gases.
I would like to propose that you can solve the problem of global warming by owning a bonsai.
A strike on climate change is taking place in European countries, but I think it’s no good just to insist.
There is no progress in solving problems without thinking of concrete solutions.
Plants absorb carbon dioxide.
So we think that if the plant is planted on the ground more than necessary, the effect will appear.

  1. Do not own your own car
  2. Mandatory plant cultivation for one household
  3. Total ban on getting pregnant
  4. Abolition of heating home appliances
  5. Total ban on meat
  6. Mandatory religious solicitation
  7. Mandatory moral class about the three major desires
  8. Mandatory discussion on compromise
  9. Elimination of thermal power plants
  10. Completely abolish the immoral advertising tower
  11. Abolition of printing plant

Do you know that there are women who use cars to go shopping at a supermarket several hundred meters away?
Do you have the feeling that hot air is blowing from the numerous car mufflers used for entertainment?
If you get in a car and insert a key in the side area of the steering wheel and apply an engine, the earth feels nausea.
I feel that it would be wonderful if it became a measure against global warming by pursuing art.
Buy Thousands of Bonsais Instead of Tens of Thousands of Cars You Can Get Happiness with a Life-Performing Worthy Work.
Are there modern people who can afford to say that their desire for their children is not a selfish desire?
If I imagine that the earth is suffering from constipation now, do you think that you have to put more food in the stomach than this?
Aren’t you angry at all with the human egoism that continues to eat even in situations where you can not eat anymore?
We should stop only the material heat up before it heats up in the political debate.
I think we will have to cool the mind of human beings who take part in the void controversy, thinking that it is anger of justice.
Vegetarianism helps reduce sexual desires and illnesses.
Survival of animals other than human beings is not for human diet, God imagined everything for different purposes.
We are convinced that the cause of serious diseases such as stomach cancer and colon cancer is the spread of processed foods and junk food from modern people.
The axis of human thinking without religion is a narrow experience, and there is no philosophical basis.
The reason why absurd and contradictory is simply because human beings have drafted, Wisdom of human thinking less than 10% of the teaching of God.
What modern people believe is a virtual image and is only an experience story.
In essence we are aware that humans are always foolish creatures and we think we have to keep a full command.
You can have a sense of fulfillment and a sense of well-being with a stoic attitude anytime without being overwhelmed by a restricted diet.
We feel that our source of desire is a fallen heart, a malicious and fragile moral mass.
From now on we modern people can not go unless we publicize the compromise point and taste the pain which controls the desire.
It is important to forget the convenience considering the theory that alcohol drinking and smoking abstinence is only for the first month.
Don’t forget the theory that you can always get the benefits if you compromise.
We should be obsessed with patience while alive before being burned and sentenced to fire.
Modern people think that it is better to be sentenced to the fire of hell than to spend in the flower garden of Heaven.
I am looking at a human being brainwashed by commercialism.
I feel that if I keep having doubts and live I can really understand the meaning and find happiness.
Humans continue to make excuses to God, with tens of thousands of trees being cut down every year.
People who have to make money for their children and loved ones are only paying the price for fulfilling their desires.
I am aware that I am a duller and a boring person, but I also realize that the weaknesses turn into strengths.
Every time I take a hot afternoon in the sunny afternoon, it becomes difficult for me to keep serious attitude.
It may not be worthwhile to talk about justice while individuals are falling apart.
Desires create despair and disappointments create hope I think we may continue to live in a series of flows.
Once we understand the true meaning of the minority’s appeal, we need to ask ourselves again and think again.
We think that we have to lighten our minds and accept things in a calm manner, thanks to the help of someone who is usually trivial.

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