Saving money for dream

Saving money for dream

It depends on strict determination

1 No cigarette
2 No beer
3 No gamble
4 No breakfast
5 Lunch menu is cut cabbage 1 dollar
6 No relationship with laziness
7 No owning car
8 No owning motorcycle
9 No music concert
10 No theater
11 No restaurant
12 No a vending machine
13 No convinience store
14 No an afternoon sleeping
15 No oversleep
16 No cosmetics
17 No hair dressing
18 No clothes
19 No hair cut by barber
20 No a street food stall

What next?

21 Ignore advertisement in city
22 Ignore worthless fashion in city
23 Ignore entertainment industry on websites
24 Ignore invitation from anyone

Debt repayment

Treating mentality and physical, it’s importance
So be lonely temporarily
Be patient temporarily is so hard for us, but it’s absolute temporally.
Ok let’s see…
So you wanna be older worker?
And you feel you still in time?
You can abandoning owned desires, please.

My case

1 I quit smoking when I was 26.
2 I abandoned owned car when I was 32.
3 I abandoned owned motorcycle when I was 25.
4 I originally am not drinker.
5 I hate fashionable and have never joined music concert ever.
I love being lonely.

Life is like a one night show, hahaha.
Life is movie.
We are heroine.

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