Scrambling rock’n roll

Scrambling rock’n roll

There is a city called Shibuya in the capital of Japan, and there are many young people.
I feel Shibuya is a city that emphasizes the morals of Japanese youth.
I myself think Shibuya is the biggest popular city in Tokyo.
One of the tourist attractions is Shibuya Station’s scramble intersection.
Every day, tourists from around the world take pictures of the crowds of people at the scramble crossing in Shibuya.
I’m amazed at street speeches and huge screens at Shibuya Station, and sometimes I go to Shibuya.

However, I feel that I have to grasp the back of Japanese society.

Cannot synchronize with the culture of Tokyo, which has a strong consumer culture impression.
And I can feel that my nature is rural.
There is a big building from Shibuya Station and another famous place.
The pedestrian bridge with the monument of Yutaka Ozaki, who died in April 1992, is another favorite spot.
It is a common sense of his fans that the scenery seen from his stone pedestrian bridge is beautiful and the sunset is seen there.
This scene represents the world of his seventeen-year-old map song.
Many foreign tourists enjoy the scramble crossing in Shibuya, the center street, and Takeshita Street in Harajuku.
However, for foreigners who do not know the reality of Japanese society, the urban landscape of Japan is a city of entertainment industry.
For me, the slaves suffering from Japanese social industry are Japanese.
He is pessimistic about Japan’s society, which is filled with excessive service, low wages, heavy work, harsh working conditions 24/7, and sadness.
Yutaka Ozaki is a rock singer who is the driving force for me.

His rock number, Scrambling rock’n roll, is always a great song.

Scrambling rock’n roll, composed with the theme of Shibuya’s scrambled intersection, is a realistic expression of Japanese society.
So I feel a complex feeling every time I get off Shibuya Station.
It’s not just that Shibuya is a crazy city full of entertainment industries.
Yutaka Ozaki is a singer who has sounded a warning to modern people who think it is a virtue to continue to consume.
I know the bad part of Japanese society because I have work experience in Japanese cities.
However, foreign tourists and locals of consumers do not know the real city of Shibuya.
Denies the way of living in the city and feels disgusted with the dirty scenery of the construction site in the city center.
My real place is a natural city in the country, and I decide to go back to the country if I feel I can’t find a possibility.

Urban dirt

In late August 2012, I had a short trip to France inspired by a Finnish friend.
And I don’t change the annoyance of interpersonal relationships with the difference in race when I look at real French society.
I was watching TV all night in a hotel in Paris, France.
However, the TV switch of the hotel the next day was not attached.
Homeless people are fighting in front of the Arc de Triomphe in France.
It was an illusion that many African blacks run a store in a suburb of Paris and are not French.
People scamming pretending to raise money under the Eiffel Tower.
A scene where a Middle Eastern woman, a child and a dog are homeless on a luxury shopping street in France.
When I was walking in Paris morning, there was an emotionally unstable old white woman sitting on the bench ignoring my greeting.
Paris was more beautiful than Tokyo, but I was able to know the current state of cities in the world.

I think it’s normal to get tired of the speed of the city and move to the countryside.
I know people who have experienced urban life for several years and remember the work of a big company in the city.
I think many people lament that they want to live a quiet slow life someday.
I myself cannot feel comfortable living in the city because the city is not local.
I don’t have a longing for London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Kiev, Moscow or Rome.
I don’t want to visit a tourist attraction in particular, I just want to know the reality.
I just want to see the real figure of a city man living with a heartache.

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