Sea waves


Sea waves

I always have a habit of learning lessons by comparing life to something.
I’m still depressed in a bad way of life, but that’s unavoidable.
My savior, destined to do the unfavorable work of the working class, is God, the philosopher, the masses, and a bad example.
I am worried about the mental paralysis of modern people due to the daily coverage of tragic news.
Some people enjoy eating while listening to the news of the murder and are delighted by the noisy commercial footage.
I think the way to avoid paralysis is regular continuous action.
The value of things that are repeated is reduced.
I’ve been posting videos on Youtube since November 2020.
That means that I myself reduce the value of my expression.
Being aware of this, he has published a certain amount of total works.
The intention is simply to keep a record.
It’s just a matter of keeping a record of your own activities in a public place.

The moment you get out is outstanding because you are pulling

I am impressed with the production activities of Youtuber posted on Youtube every day.
I’m just publishing all the works I’ve put together for the past six months at once.
Until May 2020, I followed the habit of posting once a week on Youtube.
However, I realized that the method was not suitable as a creator.
I stopped posting for half a year from May to October and withdrew from action.
And I am ashamed of myself as a producer who rushes to make and publish low quality products.
It is likened to the sea.
I paid attention to the tide of the ocean waves.
How can a big ocean wave be made?
It’s a story that you can try in the bathroom.
The wave generated by the recoil of the larger wave is multiplied and returned.
That was a lesson for success.

People rejoicing in the small waves

I was announcing a moving object that didn’t even make waves.
Let’s compare the big waves to emotions.
I thought that I had to take a big attitude to create a big impression.
It’s about not going public or refraining from doing it.
It is important to have a self-restraint attitude to end the Corona Festival.
I don’t even stand still for a few seconds in the medium of the work I publish every day.
Laugh at the stupidity of those who are spending money on small, impressed mere images and sounds.

If it doesn’t work, I think it’s important to keep your posture low and think quietly.
I pay tribute to those who make dramas and animations at a weekly pace.
However, I cannot affirm the attitude of ignoring the details and getting things done.
I believe that if you power up and show off, you will surely be able to create a big wave of emotion.
There absolutely needs to be a long-term idea.
I think so.

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