I can not take a nap or eat lunch because of my financial troubles in the future
Anxious state is painful for a nervous person like me, but I try not to get upset
I confess my love to someone I like to live without regret and I want to talk honestly
I feel offended by the summer heat of the city, but I want to decide things in a prompt decision for self defense
I am self-suggested and wipes out anxiety
Even if I do not get good results, I am encouraging myself that it is for planting at the present time
Every day we go out and study hard and work hard

Choose a roundabout without choosing a shortcut

Gogh went around
Donald Trump went bankrupt several times
Stallone wanted to make a movie debut while experiencing a porn actor
Bruce Lee had a hip surgery
Lady Gaga experienced striptease and thought about growth
I think that the person who achieved great success in the child role will finish early because it has a shortcut
Brad Pitt struggled to do the supporting role for several years
Wright brothers made thousands of flight experiments fail
Madonna also lived on a diet only with macaroni
Trying to become famous on TV’s Audition program is a shortcut
I think that I can become a celebrity and become an economic success but I can not become a legendary person
It feels that they are short cut and celebrities that nothing is appealing to Justin bieber, Katy Perry or Taylar swift

Lifetime service is cool without retirement

I think everyone will have to retire and retire and retire
But I’m careful about my health life because I want to stay on the game until I die
Because I think of the fate that one day will die, I am not willing to stop trying to stick to a peaceful life
I would be glad if I could see my video below at anxious time and use it for my personal development

The opinion on my life should be based on the fate of death as a criterion to eliminate anxiety
We should marry consistently so that the females of mature women who have children are more consistent than the beautiful, young females

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