Sense of happiness


On the way home for shopping in the evening

When is the moment when you feel happy?

It makes me feel nostalgic when I see the people who follow the sunset home path. In a corrupting contemporary society I want to feel natural and hold humanity. It is important to relax a little even if you face various problems and I think everyone should be happy. It is necessary for today’s modern people to firmly schedule advance times and feel the present time. I certainly do not know if I can get a job but I do not want to compromise on occupation and I do not feel anxiety because I think about options properly. I do not need to stick to anything more than necessary and I am relieved because I leave everything to God.

I want you to feel the importance of stopping

I can not find my desired company in job recruitment but I am not impatient and I do not mean to get rushed. I did not have the opportunity so far because I acted on a prompt decision and did not think carefully. I was nervous personality slowly I did not rush and did not go forward We had failed by riding a cabbage taxi just before the train called opportunity came. I decided to wait for a chance without learning the things I have learned about what I have experienced in my young days. It is undeniable that a cheerful feeling of getting a sense of stability as soon as possible makes her unhappy. That’s why I am waiting patiently for the ark of opportunity from God. I am making an effort to acquire more skills while waiting for opportunity. More concrete strategy and calm are important.

Always be pleased after sorrow

The reason for feeling happiness when walking is freedom. Freedom is everything, and it is not necessary to work under restraint simply if economic activity is not all and if necessary life funds are available. What you need in this single life is free, love, courage, not spending time on material things. To acquire freedom you need to think with wisdom and I have acquired happiness now that I acquired happiness. Since the time God gave to humans is 80 years on average, you should use 80 years freely and carefully live your life. Just a happy time is to take a bath, to feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. There is no need to work harder than necessary and it is true that I want to be a gentle man.

I have important information

I will stop updating a little blog from next week.
Since I am busy with moving or job hunting, updating my blog will become difficult.
I will renew my blog again when I move or finding job hunting.
I will hurry to update blog updates as soon as I can.
Please feel free to send me an email if there is something to worry about.
I will try my best to deliver good information so please watch over me.

Thank you!!!

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