SEO Yoast

SEO Yoast

A plug-in product called SEO Yoast is very effective.
I run a blog and study SEO measures every day.
Yoast has a free version and a paid version.
SEO measures mean to make it a top search on Google.
Sites that appear when you enter keywords in Google search are the most popular sites.
SEO measures are being taken to create a site with a high number of searches.
The reason I started blogging was to study web design
I use WordPress and keep updating it from July of last year to today
At the same time, I started posting videos on Youtube
I thought about posting a video blog in anticipation of future technology evolution.

SEO measures

: Number of characters in a fixed article
: Put an internal link in the site
: Enter the keyword focus character
: See Google search console

SEO Yoast Premium Plugin

The results are effective when using the paid version of Yoast.
This paid version first opens a way to use WordPress.
And you can use the training program for free.
Since it is a video commentary, it is very easy to understand, and there is a test in each chapter, and if you do not pass the test, you cannot step to the next chapter.
It’s a very economical fee and the first is $ 89.
I think it is an inexpensive product because it is $ 66 from the second time.
Yoast verifies and gives advice every time you post.
It verifies the number of important keywords, the number of text articles, and the transition of related characters.
I don’t understand how Google’s algorithm works, so I feel it’s difficult to improve the search ranking.


Plugins are indispensable in WordPress.
Plugin items are used to enhance site security, SEO, and change the theme of the site.
You should use the minimum required number among the myriad plugins.
Because if you install many plug-ins and activate them, the site will become heavy.
The reason for making the site heavier is the number of plug-ins and the size of the images and videos in the site.

Blog management

More than a year has passed since I started blogging, but the number of PV is one digit.
I write English blog posts because I want people around the world to read them.
I think blogging is not a job but a hobby, so I don’t mind earning money.
However, it is true that the operation cost is high, and it cannot be deployed on a high-quality site as a full-fledged work.

: Server rental fee $ 5 / month
: Jetpack security software fee $ 18 each year
: SEO Yoast Premium Plugin $ 66 annually

If you want to create a high quality site design, you should use the paid version of the Plugin theme. I’m Insights-pro by the way.

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