Turn side job into main business

1 What you need

Our only essential work tools are laptops and smartphones.
Don’t forget a portable Wifi router.
It is very risky to log in with public Free Wifi such as in fast food restaurants.

2 Absence

Want to attend a big event?
Many events such as Christmas, Halloween and New Year countdown.
I want people to understand the emptiness of spending a lot of money on short-circuited desires.
What does it mean to trade for a few minutes of uplifting and thousands of dollars?
For nice memories?
I have no experience of attending the alumni association.
Even the alumni invitation does not come.

Ignore the masses

If you have everything you need and avoid short-circuited desires, you can improve your life.
The job is boring.
But my hobby is interesting.
I want to make my job interesting.
And I want to make my hobby boring.
What should I do?
That is to ignore the masses.

Ad is a devil

Keep buying concert tickets that cost thousands of dollars until age 70.
Ignore child support and continue buying luxury items! ! !
Imagine a man and a woman over 60 years old partying in a villa pool! ! !
Live like a grasshopper! ! !
However, even if I see advertisements that encourage people to buy, I don’t feel like buying.
If you can wear clothes, don’t go to the clothes shop.
If you can eat something, don’t go to the supermarket.
Cosmetics are pork fat.
The menu items at popular fast food restaurants are frozen foods that contain lots of chemical seasonings and carcinogenic substances.


I would like to recommend that you once be separated from your family and friends.
And you should endeavor to restore your life after getting a fulfilling day with your favorite side job.
To be afraid is not to be afraid.
It ’s scary to not be afraid.
Thank you

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