Several frames video


The production of a few-frame video is an action necessary to receive an order for an animation production.

You can increase the advertising effect by using animation.

I think animation production is in high demand for the next generation of work.

Voice actor

The presence of an animated character can be established by inserting a voice into the animation.
I recently started a voice actor.

It’s a video of several frames, so it’s a job that requires only short lines.

This is a new experiment and very interesting.

You are using the functionality of the MacBook voice recorder.

The style of Ken Shimura

The work style of Mr. Shimura, who recently died of the new coronavirus, is used as a reference.

1.Solid preparation

2.Pursuit of daily ideas

3.Greedy for new things like trying various chemical reactions

Youtube advertising video

Most Youtube viewers don’t watch advertising videos.

I usually skip advertisement videos and watch YouTube videos immediately.

It is important for advertisers to make an impression in a short time of 5 seconds.

The skill of 4-frame video is utilized in the video production that gives that impression.

5 seconds is the game time

If you can make others attractive in 5 seconds, you can receive an order for video work.

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