Shower life is good?

I’m a little worried about my shower life

Life in the new house has started, but there is one worrying thing is that it is shower life. There is no bathtub in the new house and I can not take a bath and I only have a shower. I’m always an exciting person for something new, but bathing is essential to keep me from getting tired while actually spending a busy life. It is said that Japanese people become tired gradually when they experience a shower life as written in the essay of a certain celebrity. As a culture of Western Europe, shower life may be a thing that suits the constitution of Westerners, and Oriental people like me may be shower life may be inappropriate life.

Very satisfied with 1 ROOM apartment

Having failed to move this time is that there are too many luggage. There is no need to secure an extra large space when living alone, it is easy to clean the room, and the spacious space is not bad, but it is a minimal space at home if you have limited time to spend a day I feel I should be satisfied. From the point of view of the people living on the continent, the values of human settlements in a small island country might be considered alien. Basically, the smaller you live, the less your expenses will necessarily be, and the sense of saving has the effect of stopping the spur of human waste.

I love the sound of stepping on asphalt

Not looking for financial success, not interested in status or honor, nothing in the cityscape. It’s a simple reason why I, who originally lived up to now in antisocial thought, tried to enter the urban rough waters. The source of all the motives is experience, and I may want to get a lot of experiences in this one-off life and immerse in a sense of accomplishment and a sense of superiority. It is surprising, but I have been living in a comfortable environment before I got on a crowded train and never commuted to school, so I realized that I felt that I had a feeling of sweetness. It was a fact that I began to respect people who are busy daily working in one of the major cities of New York, Paris, London and Berlin, and I reconsidered it once. I have told a dream in one corner of the city but I feel that facing the real problem is the first choice.

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