Side job

Side job

You aren’t able to delete internet business anyway

  • Video editor
  • Youtuber
  • Bloger
  • Web programmer
  • FX
  • Online teacher
  • Cosplayer
  • Wedding photographer
  • Uber food’s delivery
  • Time ticket
  • Writer



You can easily to start studying skill anytime, anywhere because it’s possible to learn and watch Youtube’s free class video. Besides you don’t have to get license and something like certification for beginning side business. However I recommend you to work at campany firstly before side business because you will need to have some profile for taking demand from cliant. Maybe it’s necessary to spend 1 or 2 years for getting offer I guess.


The most important to get practical skill is outputting and updating over and again.
I aim at earning by blog someday. My primarily goal is consisting blog business as side business. So I want you to read my blog everyday and click advertise button.
I really would say that you should choose favorite job eventually because if you could make success with unfavorably business, you won’t keep earning for a long time.

I can be your cliant

Our relatively is kind of give and take as supplyer and consumer. You can feel free to suggest me something business.


My motivation for keep renewaling blog everyday is aim.
thanks a lot
God bless you
yasunari kayama

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