I like to ask myself questions in a quiet space at night.
And I am grateful for the rural environment where I can create a quiet room in an instant.
So I gathered a lot of unpleasant information from the morning and warned myself that the night was coming.
Tonight’s dinner with fried cabbage and noodles was awesome.
We are on the sidelines of frenzied people on the stressful internet with no sadness, loneliness or anger.
Don’t be like them.
It’s blissful to spend time listening to the silent sound and not thinking about anything.
It can be associated with the nightmare of a roller coaster where the depiction of people’s smiles is crazy.
If you have the ability to change your mind in an instant, you can start economic activities immediately.
I want to earn only the necessary living expenses and obey my own rules of life.
Imagine a landscape where everyone is laughing in a paralyzed state of joy as they continue to kill time of loneliness.
Everyone makes an unpleasant look when talking about work.
I want to share the reality of their working class society, but they shut up.
He keeps hiding the boring part of the back and publishes entertainment earnestly.
I can’t be fooled like them.
From this month, lottery applications for American green cards have started.
Of course I don’t apply for it.
I disregard people who are drunk with fantasy even though they can easily understand the reality of America.
And I myself used to break silent sounds like they did.
But now I am devoted to soundproofing.
Don’t be fooled by the catchphrase trap.

Uplifting and poor work

The words and appearances of frenzied people make me foolish.
If seriousness is silent, the playful attitude is fun music and chatter.
The factors that make me silent in an instant are loneliness, singleness, religious spirit, philosophy, and art.
The next morning after satisfying mere simple desires in order is hell.
We are doing the same thing over and over again.
You can’t do the exact opposite.
There are people all over the world watching Youtube all day long.
They easily put their trust in the type and are crazy about criticizing others.
Having self-criticism, praise, and diligence is painful, but there is no choice but to endure suffering.
At the end of a few days of suffering, you can understand the splendor of silence.
At night in the world more than 100 years ago, there were people who were reading and studying by lighting candles.
There was silence in the inconvenient living environment of old people.
It couldn’t easily produce the crazy sounds of modern times.
As a result, old people were able to create high-quality works of art.
The work and the product are different.
This is a phrase I recently discovered.

Works and products

You can relax your mood with the silent sound.
Create a silent space by stopping the radio sound source and lecture sound source between work.
It’s a story that can only be done at midnight.
I myself am not a factory worker.
However, modern artists recognize that they are workers, office workers, and assistants.
The artists are making products.
They make a lot of money by producing a lot of products every month.
There is nothing in the manufactured product.
But there are idiots who buy the product.
The idiot will have a dissatisfied life a few years later.
It’s just because the act of purchasing without producing anything original is the cause.
I’m making one piece.
And I always cherish one work and I can’t compromise on it.
So I don’t know when to upload a video to Youtube.
However, absolutely silent sound is indispensable in difficult work processes.
The challenge of cold showers and cold baths will begin in the cold season of this year.
If you continue this challenge, you can definitely reduce the gas bill.
I feel that the sound may be a kind of unnecessary thing.
Good sounds are only natural sounds or sad melodies.

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