Silent library


Silent library

Today I had been staying at home all the time and so it’s overwhelmingly boring for me.

Still not coming Typhoon’s attack to destroy Tokyo area. I prepare for after damaged around household’s situation. Uh-huh…

After lunch I went to local library to read some interesting novels and searching for primary knowledges for upcoming schedule. I just wanted to let my brain install important things and would be update as soon as possible.


I actually aiming at to be professional blogger since when a couple of days ago. Now I’m struggling to get a lot of skills, know-how of WordPress and to assemble good information or precious knowledges from my everyday life. And I did tried to add subscribe button on my website to target worldwide’s audiences. I don’t think it will be effecting to get positive result as quickly. I have to make effort as step by step, own pase I think.

Telephone box

It’s absolutely rare thing for this era, there is a telephone box near from my apartment. I had never noticed existent of that and I just tried to into telephone box. Then I remembered of people who used it before.

Thanks for reading and watching.

yasunari kayama 📗

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