Singapore and Malaysia are the best destinations in Asia


Singapore and Malaysia are the best destinations in Asia

I think it is a legitimate way to choose Asian countries as a place to live retirement around the world.
Everyone wants to live in peace and warm climate with happiness.
I feel jealous of the calm character of people living in hot foreign countries all year round near the equator.
Thailand and Vietnam are attractive countries for me who feel stressed by responding to changing economic conditions.
Southeast Asian countries are recommended for traveling in Asia, and tropical beaches in Southeast Asia are amazing.
I think that European countries have lost interest because they were disappointed with the realities of European countries.
I was deceived by entertainment and mass media.
When I learned about the negative aspects of the real Western European countries, I was faced with tough problems.
It was a very short-handed and childish point of view that was attracted to a beautiful western beauty actress and was thinking of European migration.
The Europeans we encounter in our daily lives are ordinary people and not beauty actresses.
It is silly that Asians are attracted to Marilyn Monroe to search for a beauty like Marilyn Monroe in America.
Even if you could marry an American and move to the United States, it will inevitably hurt your heart because of the tough American capitalist economy.
I think that developing countries with well-developed infrastructure and low prices are the best destination countries if priority is given to their own happiness.
I’m pessimistic about Northeast Asia where I live.
Especially people living in Nordic countries, European countries, South America, Africa and the Middle East do not know the real problems of Northeast Asian countries.
I am fully familiar with the negative parts of Northeast Asian countries and I do not seem proud of the positive parts.
It can be asserted that countries such as China, South Korea, North Korea and Japan never belong to a comfortable environment.
Perhaps it is impossible for ordinary white people and black people to empathize with the unique communication and values ​​of Northeast Asian people.
There will be few whites and blacks who can cope with the strict regulations and culture of a single race state, and I feel a dilemma in my own sensibility.
For example, the current relationship between the Japanese government and the Korean government is devastatingly bad Japan’s diplomatic relationship with Korea is no longer.
It’s a very hollow, sad, sad story but it’s a fact.
It is difficult for me to think of the nation of Korea, which is industrially mass-produced in a severe educational background society, as a destination.
I think that people in the country of Korea are influenced by entertainment.
I would like to give some advice to foreigners who consider Japan and Korea as immigrants under the influence of pop culture.
Human happiness is not entertainment.
Movies, concerts, theaters, amusement parks and festival entertainments live in an instant and only cost money.
It’s unfortunate to be addicted to entertainment to flee from a harsh reality.
Certainly I was addicted to Hollywood movies in my early 20s and rented a DVD every month and watched a lot of foreign movies.
And I was studying English with foreign actors and actresses and trying to communicate overseas friends.
I really wanted to marry a foreigner and I was looking at only the foreigners I can see in the city.
After all I regret that I spent money on entertainment and was making a wasteful investment.
I feel like an idiot, only anger against myself who was drowned in Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp.
Anyway, what I want to say is to face reality.
I would not recommend Northeast Asian countries as a destination country.
Korea and China are the same as the hell-like stress society and competition society I feel.
Most foreigners can stay in Japan, Korea, and China for several years, but it is impossible to live in a severe socialist environment on a narrow land until they die.
I feel that it is possible to get happiness in the free, large-area America and Australia.
I do not know if the democracy that is collapsing in the world will eventually transform into socialism, but we should see things in a broad perspective.
That’s why we constantly check out American and European news programs to get the latest information on the world.
I think people who migrate to Korea and Japan will argue against me in emotional theory.
I am not really familiar with the pension insurance system and social security system of Korea and China, but it is true that Japan and Korea are declining in number and aging.
Do you choose Korea or Japan as a migration destination even if you know the fact that young people’s monthly pension premiums will increase?
Can you earn money if you become addicted to Pokemon or Kpop?
If it is a common-sense person, I think that it invests in the power which is likely to control the world by Chinese socialist system in consideration of the future.
Should China now believe in American economic power as it tries to expand its trade with Europe?
I myself can not hide the sense of crisis against Korea, which relies on US trade, and Japan, which is rapidly declining and aging.
Singapore and Malaysia have relatively good resort beaches and relatively low prices.
A few days ago I’m starting to admire Southeast Asian countries affected by Youtube videos of people moving to Singapore.
I am attracted to Singapore, which is an international country, and I can not stand living in a more competitive society.
The main reason why I dislike Northeast Asian countries is that the general public in Japan, Korea and China is a religious unfaith and there are many people who are foolish idol worshipers.
I have a desire to live in harmony with people with a rich nationality of emotional expression to get a sense of happiness.
Honest Story I would like to avoid contact with Indians who have grown up in a nation’s academic background where the caste system trends like India.
I am analyzing the national character of multiple races now because various races coexist in Malaysia.


  • Official language English Malay Chinese Tamil
  • Population 5610000


  • Malaysian English Chinese
  • 31786000

Basically I think Asian countries are the best if Asians think of migration.
Whites and blacks live in Asia, but do they not always feel the gaze of Asians?
If other races other than Asians live in Asia, it will be difficult for them to get into Asian communities, and I think I will look for similar race communities.
I think that as a fact that Asia is a big market should be considered as a fact that most of the world’s population is Asian.

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