Single life or party life


Single life or party life

Life is killing time
Everybody tries to fill life with fun colors
People seeking impression, stimulation, excitement and pleasure
People who live to escape from boredom and hotness
Basically I’m an outsider
And I can not live in a group
I feel uncomfortable with empathy and hug each other

I am still single

And I enjoy single life
Everyone who can not stand alone will evacuate in group life
Unstable human emotions
Promise with unstable people
I have the same face in everyday life
Same voice in everyday life
Even if I feel ill, I have to pay attention to my family
A cute baby will soon learn words
Infants who learned words assert their intentions
Toddlers become boys and rebels
The boy becomes a youth and bothers
There is no cute baby for a lifetime

Your child’s image is a baby

I feel stressed at work, at home and in society
Do you have a stress free space?
Everybody is avoiding loneliness but wants
So I have freedom and loneliness as a set
Firstly I want to enjoy single life in a hut in a quiet forest
Well I want to wake up while listening to the song of the early morning birds
I want to read while listening to the sermons of the river
Farm work in the morning and draw a picture of the atelier in the afternoon
I understand the status quo and there is no way to push myself against my own challenges

I just want to be a happy person

The pleasure of the moment, the sense of superiority and excitement, and the fun of the pursuit of creations that last for a lifetime
Everyone lives without thinking about anything, having a small dream or making money
People who are jealous of status and honor
Scientists and artists who continue to seek success as challengers
Stop offering boring and ordinary things
I think it would be better to invent and express a more revolutionary way of life
Everyone wants to put an end to the trend of hating work
Well I am in trouble now and suffer from something
I want a place and tools to express myself quickly and I want to grow
Ok,I prefer a more tense battlefield or wilderness than a comfortable place
I am looking up outside the window and playing the main character of the movie at 4:00 am when the sunrise was reached

yasunari kayama

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