Single life


Single life

I can not live old age with a pension of $ 800 a month
There is no guarantee of future earth resources
Hypocrisy that human existence is great

Future prospects that will continue to work until death
A fulfilling retirement life is a fantasy
I do not want my own child

It costs money to make a child
I am the second son of four brothers
Father and mother had four or more sex
The reason why my mother made a child is because I want to leave money for my old-age life to my child
Sex Pleasure and Retirement Life Assurance
I am isolated with my mother

I am single now
No girlfriends
I do not have the funds or motivation to move my child to graduate school

Single life is very complicated
Basically, everyday life is free and you do not feel angry stress
There is only the suffering of stress and sadness of jealousy
However, there is no financial burden
It is OK if we can maintain the living expenses for one person

How to close the curtain of your ideal life

I want to run agriculture until I die
I want to harvest crops just before death
And I want to die suddenly while working on farmland
In other words, want lonely death
I do not have enough resources to use a nursing home
We have a sense of crisis in the future world population of 10 billion people

It is a life without love because it is a painful single life

The reason for having a jealousy is because you do not have love
The existence of a mistress or the life without success or success is painful
The public creates and marries lovers to enrich their painful lives

Parent’s child experiencing divorce feels unmarried

People who can not afford to enjoy communal life
People who seek freedom and quiet space
Emotionally unstable person
A position like a politician with countless domestic and foreign issues
The people who say self-centered claims exist like parents, wives and children
A person who submits a divorce report to the government office repeatedly sees fantasy
I’m an unrealist because I don’t want to be disappointed with my own misery in reality

Marriage desire

I feel painful about the conditions of marriage and my obligation after marriage

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