Doubt everything once.
It’s not just the recent impact on Descartes.
I think we need to doubt both good and bad things.
And I have been mentally damaged by unpleasant information, so I have to learn skepticism for psychotherapy.
Thanks to the quick progress of work last night, I was able to concentrate on enlightenment work in the afternoon.
It sorts out perception, recollection, cognition, re-recognition, truth and lies.
But all things are suspicious and lies.
There is no truth and I don’t even trust my own existence.
The sure fact is that I’m thinking about things myself.
When I think about it, I am convinced by Descartes’s saying that I am.
Self-denial is a source of inspiration for me, and my life is determined by my true intentions.
It is very difficult to master every scholarship like Aristotle.
However, my task now is to read through a very difficult philosophical book.
I will try to understand Alain’s theory of happiness and life theory from this afternoon.
The task of understanding a difficult sentence takes time, and it is normal to proceed to the next sentence without understanding it.

Convinced that I can’t convince

I’m writing a blog now.
And I’m writing a blog after finishing work in the morning.
The content of the blog is an event or experience that I felt, but it does not exist.
I am a low-intelligence person who is not understood by anyone.
So I am convinced that I have unacceptable facts and worries.
It is not good not to have doubts there.
I hope I can be convinced that I will continue to doubt.
You should be convinced that you are not convinced and dissatisfied before complaining or complaining about the dissatisfied match result.
Instead of convincing things, you should convince yourself of your stubborn appearance.
After all, everything is a lie, and I myself don’t exist.
I feel strange when I live with the consciousness that I do not exist.

Western thought and colored race

The reason for learning Western thought is the opposition to an irrational society.
History, communism, and the character of each race form the land of the present.
Many working people feel tired of living together and report their resignation request to the general affairs department manager.
They are undoubtedly adaptable to their own societies and customs and are cute pets for politicians.
Animals are undoubtedly obsessed with the food in front of them.
I feel a conflict with the eerie atmosphere of human relations obtained by Eastern thought.
However, colored races cannot exchange for Western genes even if they doubt their own ideas and oppose them.
The genes of each race are well formed and cannot be destroyed.
I’m not going to be like a banana.
And I just want to expose my own personal characteristics to the full.
It can be confirmed that what has been suspected for more than 30 years was an ouzo.
It depends on the person.
We all know that we are hiding the back side, and the surface is painted in various false colors.
Instead of denying something, you can continue to underestimate it as an object of suspicion.
That’s all there is to it.

One month has passed since learning philosophy

I feel that if you read two or more pages of a philosophy book, you have a 70% chance of dreaming.
There is an established theory that the content of dreaming is a problem of lack of resolution of oneself.
The act of dreaming is associated with skepticism.
If this life itself is a dream, it is a story of having a double dream.
Let’s assume that if you die in a dream, you really wake up from the dream.
It is troublesome to return the philosophical book to the library.
He repeats what he learned while walking from home and returning the book.

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