Slam dunk


Slam dunk

What is important for animation production is not story development.
I was convinced that it was the individuality of each animation character.
Recently I watched a documentary by slam dunk author Inoue.
His primary concern is the character of the anime character.

Animated monument, Slam Dunk

I pay attention to Inoue’s artistic power and character design.
Slam dunks are actually complete comics.
This comic story constitutes a short-term event.
The slam dunk is a high-quality manga unlike the exaggerated long-running animation.
I stopped producing feature-length animations based on Inoue’s style.

Facial expressions and gestures

There are various ideas to express the human character of an anime character.
Dialogue, habit and backbone.
And every frame he puts great effort into the expression and gesture of the anime character.
If the character of the anime character is not consistent, the anime character dies.
To that end, we are exploring the psychology of each individual.
This is a very creative task, difficult but interesting.

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