Sleepy head

go to bed twice daily

I understand that it is not painful to study oil paintings and English, video editing, and image editing all night, and it is good because accumulation of daily work will be for the future. Recently I have been working all night long again and I am working a second time every morning. It’s been a little more than two weeks since I moved, but I’m not curious about the new city, and I’m installing knowledge and updating my learning every day. Even though I am not editing videos according to the theme I have, I believe that my own attitude to process on my own is very important. It is a disadvantage that you can not identify your own skills if you are self-taught, but there is an advantage that you do not have to work with extra stress.

Deep breath and water and soy sauce

The only shopping in the supermarket is only vegetables, pork and natto. I have a habit of going for a walk after 3 pm I basically can not make a good work unless I absorb inspiration from the outside world or refresh my mood. I’ve seen the white-collared white-collar workers working in the office district often working for a foreign company, but I’m also changing my mind by exercising like them. Art can not be accomplished in a day because absolutely you can not compromise to make your work and you are not making something like Taiyaki that is made in the same type. When I want a moment of inspiration, I feel that over-action tends to be counterproductive. It is not easy to create something new with a new sense, and I want to continue to believe in something.

Difference between national happiness and personal opinion

I think once again that all things need a sense of balance. The ideal is to take steps to remove the bad side while absorbing the good side, and there is nothing perfect in this world. Pessimistic humans should naturally adopt optimistic thinking, but it is a fact that congenital thoughts, philosophy and senses do not disappear. I think I need to be always laughing and thinking positively in a crisis situation. I think that I can think separately and change pessimistic thinking in a logical way, but I want to do an optimistic way of life without thinking about anything in a natural state. People living in warm climates seem to be alive with an optimistic attitude, and I once wanted to go sightseeing in temperate countries in Southeast Asia and South America. I often think about myself, but recently I feel that my thinking is too biased. I think that if you can maintain a sense of balance you can get a sense of well-being. According to a survey in the United States, most countries with high national well-being are in the Nordic countries and Japan is below 55th. I’ve recently begun to understand that becoming an extreme theorist.

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