Use of smartphones is prohibited

This month’s smartphone usage has reached 18GB.
There is a risk that next month’s mobile phone charges will be over $ 200.
So I started to refrain from using my mobile phone this month.
Since we started mass production of blog posts and posted videos from the beginning of this month, the amount of GB has increased.
However, it was almost the same as last month’s spending due to the cancellation of the telephone line and internet line.
After all, the amount of GB was added by posting the video on Youtube.
I was thinking of revitalizing blog management and video posting after retirement, which is a kind of investment.
I believe that investing time, money and effort is a good thing.
I plan to start working part-time again after moving, and I think I’ll be fine because I’ll get income again in December.
It is very inconvenient to cancel the internet connection and not use the internet.
It affects the income of people living on the Internet.

Field job

I’m writing this blog post while watching major league matches.
And I am deeply impressed by the depictions of many spectators and professional baseball players.
I think that major leaguers earn money after retirement while they are active.
Professional athletes are not office workers and have no insurance or guarantees.
They recognize that they are playing baseball to earn money.
The work of professional athletes who are demanding impressive performance, charisma and results will be painful.
Athletes always have a goal to retire.
There are few professional athletes who can move from field to managerial positions.
Moving from an active player to an active manager or active instructor would be their second option.


I feel the importance of smartphones.
For me who are aiming to be a professional blogger, it is difficult to use a smartphone.
A blog is like a kind of Twitter, and it is a convenient place to attach images and videos.
Smartphones are always necessary for checking the number of PV and writing blog posts every day.
Since all the information sources are Yahoo news sites and Google news sites, my situation is not enough.
Bloggers need laptops, smartphones and information.

Actions to refrain from using a smartphone

: Posting a long video on Youtube
: Watching videos for a long time

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