Smith is a person with a very introverted personality, like Francis.
He has a little bad relationship with Mike.
It was triggered by a trivial event in the planting process.
Jack played the role of an intermediary to improve the relationship, but the points of contact between the two will almost disappear.
The reason why Smith is a very delicate painter is not a drawback.
But Smith didn’t mutate inwardly as a result of his parents’ divorce.
The stress is simply not being able to adapt to the society of the multiracial nation of America.
For Smith, who has not learned to respect various thoughts, cultures, and customs since his childhood, he has a distrust of human relationships.
At the age of 15, when he moved to America, Smith had black hair.
He changed his hair color to blonde to transform himself into an extrovert.

Best Smith Hope

He doesn’t really want to succeed in business as a painter.
But he wanted a quiet environment.
His mother’s tragedy made him even more annoyed when he came home to the design company interview.
Even though he was desperate, he didn’t fall in love with drugs and drinks.
It wasn’t just that he was a wise man.
I think that it is the influence of Japanese collective consciousness, collective behavior, and communist ideas.
New York, USA, was his father’s hometown, but it is by no means a good environment.
Smith’s problem was over-stressing against the capitalist city of immoral social customs.
After joining a non-profit organization, he was very calm.

Lee’s only partner

Lee was once an athlete.
Smith is sympathetic to the story of the past when he trained his body and was heading for the goal, and feels familiar to Lee.
However, Lee has no special feeling for Smith.
Lee has no interest in art and Smith is just a member of the organization for Lee.
Sometimes Smith and Lee have a good amount of communication, chatting during breaks.
The sight is reassuring to the pastor.

Abandonment of studying in France and backache

Smith has sought success in art.
And Smith has the element of an eccentric artist.
But he didn’t actually learn the skills at the art school.
It was because he started painting while he was 24 years old, during his backache rest.
He studied painting skills on his own and regularly exhibited at exhibitions.
However, his drawing and color-blending skills were inadequate, so of course there were no selections at his exhibition.
His dream was to study painting in France and study creatively in France.
It’s one of the frustrations of his many past dreams, but it’s no wonder he was so out of the loop.

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