What I think is important in using SNS is to promote things smoothly. Eventually things popularized are not usable. In general terms, I think that the use of free applications can be used smoothly. I think that it is necessary to think about the boundary between Blue Ocean and Red Ocean. It is difficult to survive in the world where competition gathers where the majority gathers, and it is Red Ocean. Blue Ocean, on the other hand, is still in the undeveloped world and I am the only one. I think that it should aim absolutely blue ocean world. It is a way of thinking that the way most people do and orthodox doing will not result in anything eventually. I recently quit the famous SNS application. I uninstalled it and deleted my account.
There is the fact that money can be earned by acquiring the followers to the majority and winning like buttons to the majority. I myself wish to use SNS instead of simply using it for building personal relationships but for business. It is meaningless to expose your privacy to the general public and people around the world halfway. Since we are not committing special risks, we do not have to wonder separately what SNS is doing by people of the general mass public. I personally think that the most legitimate way to maximize the use of SNS is to make movies as well. After all, the majority of people upload pictures and minor sentences with SNS, but it will not be fair to expose their appearance with animation. As a definition of success it may be called a no-risk no return. If you send out information that is useful, entertaining, please pleasing someone to the utmost, not halfway, the probability of success is increased. Anyway, I’d like to continue to transmit various kinds of information from now on and I also want to incorporate various kinds of information from the world. I think that it is necessary to recognize that the law of success of 20th century type will no longer pass in the 21st century. I think that you can walk along the definition of the new success of the 21st century type.

Subject Model Wanted

I am recruiting people living in Japan who are aiming for professional model and will cooperate as volunteer for portrait photography

Application condition

  • People who are okay to upload to YOUTUBE or blog
  • People who cooperate free of charge(Volunteer activities)
  • Men and women OK
  • No age limit
  • No nationality restrictions
  • No race restrictions
  • Even without model experience okay
  • Foreigners who can not speak Japanese are fine


Detailed overview

Currently I am an amateur photographer aiming to be a professional photographer.
I have a camera history of 8 months and I have some knowledge of the camera and I can do a portrait as it is.
I am studying every day in self-study without studying at a camera vocational school.
It is very troubling because there is no subject model necessary for practicing portrait shooting if it is a style studying alone.
Anyway, I have to practice a lot of model shooting and I can not approach the professional photographer ‘s technology and now I’d like to practice focusing on portrait shooting anyway.
I am afraid of free photography cooperation but I think that it is a very good opportunity for those who are aiming for professional model.
Basically you can choose pictures to upload to SNS.
Of course, those who are not aiming for a professional model are okay, but those who do not like being upgraded to SNS can not apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact me :]

Thank you

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