Social security agreement


Social security agreement

There is advice for those who want to marry internationally.
It is a social security agreement.
A social security agreement is a system that allows you to count your own pension and the pension of your marriage partner’s country.
I think I should marry a person from a country with a social security agreement.
Now I have no desire to marry and I am not aware of it.
However, international marriage has the advantage of extending life options and possibilities.
For example, you can work in two countries or travel in different regions.

Czech Republic

I have thought about international marriage with Czechs.
Of course, it is a nation that has a social security agreement and can feel exotic.
He was a candidate for the Czech Republic when he considered his future pension life and his own creative base.
But I don’t think it’s permissible to ignore real problems and I don’t think we should move things emotionally.
The Czech Republic is a country located in Eastern Europe and prices are relatively low.
It’s great to experience life in a completely different environment.
I have never been to the Czech Republic.

Social system

I am tax deducted and struggling to live.
It is true that creative activities can be performed with the cooperation of the social security system.
I’m thorough on savings amid various monthly payments.
If you marry internationally and live in the country of your marriage, it will be more inconvenient than living in your own country.
It reduces your choice of occupation and requires you to keep issuing visas.
Considering the social system, living in your own country is better.

40 years old

I am planning to apply for three U.S. green card lotteries until next year.
And I want to make American friends.
So I think you should use a free friend making site.
Well I consider my age 40 to be the last turning point in my life.
I’m thinking of continuing my creative career beyond the age of 40, but by the age of 40 I have to end my life for real dreams and goals.
I am not delusional, but strive to cross reality and romance.
To be honest, no specific dreams or goals have been set since the age of 40.
She seeks dreams and goals using the social security system, but cannot see her future life.

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