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Failure laptop computer purchase request

I asked a vendor on Thursday this week to sell waste products that are no longer usable. There is a purchase company that specializes in defective equipment, and it helps to free data erasure. It used to be advertised while a car for scrap collection was running, but now there is no car for scrap collection as the net spread. I’m selling this time with a defective laptop computer and portable radio, and a second hand compact digital camera, cable and smartphone. The purchase price of laptops for Windows 8 was surprisingly low and surprised, but it needs to be sold to add some cost of living. Practical equipment and tools would be bicycles, latest laptops, large desktop PCs, single-lens reflex cameras, printers, latest smartphones and backpacks. Does everyone know about no stock resale? No stock resale is a business style that can not be done, and there are a lot of things to keep in mind regarding net business. The theory that the risk and return are always back-to-back would be the correct answer, because you have to provide a reasonably high value product or service to get a great deal of money.


Recently watched autism document program with Youtube video. I have a relative with autism in my relatives and I can not live in society and I live with the support of my parents. It was obvious that it was the person and his family that suffered from the congenital mental illness of autism. I am now unemployed I can somehow sell to earn income, but autistic people can not live on their own. I criticize God for something unfair in the world against a mental illness that can not be healed for life. Under fair conditions we should be born and we should give assistance to people with handicap but we should not feel sympathy. I do not want to receive mercy, so my comfort is useless to me, but the people of the world carelessly say words of comfort unwillingly. It is a devil’s act to try to completely change responsibility when you live in a desperate situation and only when you are in good condition. If your child is autistic or disabled, what do you need from the people around you? It is important to actually solve the problem, and you will think about how to cope with the problem of incurable disease. Everyone has a desire to do economic activities, get free space and have fun playing. However, there are many people living in the situation that they have to live with the support of the surrounding people without being able to work for a lifetime. We only have to be stunned by the question of whether we should just look on our side. I can not but feel the appreciation of human ability to learn and acquire skills and work. Being able to secure free time and be self-supporting can be called success, and it can be asserted that continuing economic activities and earning money is not everything. Earn money in crazy working hours and wasting finite life time.

It is a human being who wants to fight against fate

Are humans really the marionettes of God? Even if you can not communicate directly with God, you have no choice but to feel something in the mental world and read the mind of God. You can watch videos of the daily life of American couples with autistic children on Youtube. A documentary program of britishness that can not be a lover due to various circumstances is also a life lesson. A document program with no lie and no synopsis is an important source for me and I was away from movies and dramas. You can let your emotions run away and finally you can understand the feelings of the people in your despair trap and you know how important it is to stay cool.

It would be nice if we could grow up little by little in the decided rhythm of life and after all the chart of life is a repetition of ups and downs. I can feel happy when I can feel every one of my daily life quietly. You should throw away material things as quickly as possible, acquire education, earn the cost of living smoothly, and get freedom. You have to be free, or if you enter from the narrow gate and you can not live alone and become independent anyway, you will fail yourself. Autistic people are living in conflict and dealing with things hard.

People weathering the problem

Given the history of human beings constantly emerging as new problems may not be expected in the future of humanity. There are people in the world who feel disgusted with work starting from the end of the week after the weekend holiday. I’m thinking of creating a space of relaxation with minimal cost, and my way of life is frugal. I strongly recommend everyone to check the economic index daily. I am confident in keeping my future in mind and to disperse risk. I find it dangerous to be addicted to one thing and to bet everything on one thing. There is a sad ending that the big incident a few years ago is already forgotten by people. Do you feel that the behavior patterns of people of all generations have been decided, and is humanity’s survival ensured? In the future our roads will be immersed in seawater and everyone may not be able to walk. The effort of Swedish girls who have been calling for global warming for several months will be extremely wasted. I think that it is only human being that it is wonderful to live and do fun things on earth. I think human beings should live bored in nature, as bored animals do not aggravate the global environment. However, the fate of the human being who lives and exposes desires and dissatisfaction as long as it is wrong is wrong? We know the importance of turning off the television, radio and computer, stopping information collection and opening enlightenment. Where is the person who lives according to God’s teaching that humans can not rule humans? When the law of humanity is compared with the teachings of the Bible, the law of humanity is full of contradictions. I want everyone to know that the law contains human emotions.

Philosophy of life to think in a moment on Sunday morning

I am still depleted in knowledge and experience, and I think that human beings are unfinished life for a lifetime. I feel insulting to various human disputes and I usually tell myself that I must not participate in such disputes. Human greed like a mass of greed is the cause of ruin and a swayed living standard is really good. After returning home, I do a lot of Sunday miscellaneous things and write blogs, collect information and create animations. Because I usually drink only tap water and I can not eat confectionery, I can do it both physically and mentally. I came home buying meat and vegetables at a supermarket on a Sunday morning. The time I came back with a fresh breeze without extra shopping was felt when the time I came back was very happy. I feel I can manage my life smoothly if I meditate at home and use the news as a teacher’s material and decide myself. It is important to install and output skills and experiences that can be used for practical economic activities because anything is good and I always try to absorb something new. I’m afraid that I have to change because the same thing or something similar can not make sense or grow. I analyzed that I could not get a job for myself and decided a little change in direction. I post Youtube videos and check and analyze the number of views every time. After all I think that it is necessary to make things in the perspective of the viewer who is the consumer, and I think that I have no choice but to repeat analysis and reflection. I can understand the feeling that I want to enjoy something that I want to enjoy as much as I want to enjoy, but I have an attitude that I do not want to become a later unpleasant feeling. I always set a schedule and made my work a favorite, and I think that my hobby is just killing time. I collect information free of charge on the Internet video every morning and work on various outputs in the afternoon. I think it is important to get a habit that can be made effortlessly and continue.

There is a disadvantage to each other

The perfection is a kind of fantasy world, but I think humanity should aim for 100% perfection. Everyone is alive with all the annoyance and frustration in mind and everyone feels the same pain to life. Everyone tries to run away from the pain of repeating things that are repeating the same thing. But sometimes there is a moment that seems to be happy that boring repetition everyday. True happiness can not be obtained with money and worldly success is what makes people unhappy. So I have been trying to stop having unrealistic dreams and goals and become realist. Everyone is not satisfied with the status quo, and may just miss happiness in front of the eyes.

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