Society does not help


Society does not help

The age of lifetime employment is over.
However, she does not find life at all attractive.
Spending time with the same person in the same place is very boring and painful.
People who can’t judge for themselves should immigrate to a communist socialist state.
You have to solve the problem yourself.

Catastrophic situation in Europe

Europe is not a white country.
And Europe stands for colored nations.
In the past, when I saw a French national black runner on TV, I felt uncomfortable.
That’s because they were recognized as European equal whites.
I can’t find any blond whites when I walk in European towns.
There are a lot of Caucasian people there but few blonde Caucasians.
I myself feel that Western European countries in particular are turning into colored nations.
I do not know if it is a crisis situation.
However, political turmoil such as immigration and pension issues continues every year.
I’m no longer attracted to France or Germany.
Tired of the French who march on democracy every month.
They are seeking social relief.
But society doesn’t help as the title suggests.

An increasing number of people of color

I am convinced that the race of white people is going to decrease.
This is due to the low birth rate among whites and the increasing marriage between whites and people of color.
If I marry a white man and have a child, the child is an Asian yellow race.
Imagine a color scheme.
All colors except white are colored.
I think this world will gradually shift from white authority to colored authority.
The most common race in the world is Asian.
Overwhelmed by billions of Asians.

I want to feel like I lived all day today.
There is no reason for that.
I’m no longer interested in the economy, politics, or public demands.
I just want to feel the time quietly in one room.
At about 4 pm I think of ways to change my life.
Considering the future, maintaining the status quo is the best option.
There is no denial of seeking short-term excitement.
However, there is always a difference between the world of hypnosis and the real world.
Can I love my wife even if I become a grandfather?
If you judge things by sticking to their appearance, you will be hurt later.
I think that sticking to the visible real world is the best self-defense.
In this harsh society, there are people who enjoy romance and enjoy the happiness of leisure such as cooking and driving.
But I chose a life like a dog for a lifetime.
Of course, there is no human relationship stress, but there is loneliness.
I’m willing to go homeless if society doesn’t help.
Sticking to something in a finite world before the eternal world is ridiculous.

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