Socrates is cute


Socrates is cute

I think Socrates looks cute.
Socrates is a cute old man who is fat and has a lot of beards.
His disciple Plato is not cute.
I cannot forgive the malicious intent of the Athenian people of Socrates.
However, I can understand the psychology of the other person who is frustrated by Socrates’s speech.
I hear Socrates’s opinion when I’m worried.
In other words, the image of Socrates.
I assume that Socrates is like Obama to me.
And I would like to continue to refer to Socrates’s speech.

2020 issues and Socrates

What would Socrates do if he lived in this era?
I am dealing with the predicament of life by making the assumption of a great deceased.
And I am convinced that the opposite system of the people and the masses is the truth and justice.
It is a good practice to return the books to the library on Saturday afternoon.
Ignore the return period exclusively.
Public goods are supported by city tax, so they are free to use the library.
I want to see Socrates, but I go to the library to see him.
It makes me happy to smell the pages of good books dyed in sepia.
I feel the world of the past in books published before my own birth.
Perhaps Socrates will not deal with the coronavirus.
Imagine Socrates, who accepts death from infection and leads a normal life.

Weirdo blogger

I don’t mean to write incomprehensible sentences.
So I just write down the feelings I want to ask myself.
It’s not the purpose of sharing it with others.
It just publicizes the devoted behavior of a simple life.
Therefore, I don’t think that problems will increase if we live with a universal sense of purpose.

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