Sony vs Canon vs Nikon


The majority of people are paying attention to Sony’s mirrorless camera

I am thinking whether the choice to choose between Nikon and Canon, the leading two-generation camera company, is correct for me.

The bad feature of the two mirrorless cameras of Nikon and Cannon is that only one SD card is entered.

The function that does the orcas of human eyes can actually correspond only to Sony mirrorless camera.

Mirror-less camera features a compact camera in any way.

Sony’s Mirrorless Camera’s battery usage is attractive as it can accommodate up to 600 photos.

At this moment there are no other cameras companies that have more specs than Sony’s mirrorless camera at the moment.

As a professional photographer, I think that I do not think much other than Sony’s mirrorless camera.

I am still going to do it for a while with Nikon SLR.

The behavior of buying new equipment to be released is not very favorable for me.

Besides, you should not stick to the full size body of the camera, so you must stick to the lens.

While being an amateur, you should get camera expertise little by little.

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