Space and death

Space and death

Thinking about the universe and death.
Considering the consequences of dying one day, you can make emotional judgments.
But every day I feel angry at the selfishness and desire for approval.
I tried to list temporary desires.

Dating with the opposite sex.
Sexual activity with the opposite sex.
Building comfortable and convenient life.
A fun conversation.

Waiting for meteorite fall

I sometimes think about scenarios of human destruction.
In the end, the earth will be saved if there is no modern man who wants to be happy.
I’m angry at the unclean psychology that keeps the ordinary income in mind with emphasis on the economy as usual.
We are angry at human beings that are preventing the spread of China’s coronavirus infection.
When a forest fire broke out in Australia, people paid money to Australia.
But they are still aggravating global warming in cars and airplanes.
I was looking up at the sky while running on a windy March morning.
I don’t think it’s wrong to give up late.
The ideal of the scenario of human destruction is a huge meteorite fall.
There is no cure for modern people who are lazy due to convenience.

I can’t escape suffering after all

I was able to choose a lonely life and avoid real problems.
However, I traded for freedom and jealousy and suffer from jealousy.
She runs and asks herself in a quiet room to temporarily remove this jealousy.
You can understand the pain of loneliness like everyone.
However, they cannot withstand the stress caused by maintaining good relationships.
Surely humans may be setting a path to living in exchange for something.

Things that can be left in this world

He has a romantic feeling for the mysteries of the universe and the mystery of death.
Most bloggers write blogs every day to make money.
Really most people are too stupid.
Thinking about the universe and death in this finite time space, we can sort our minds.
The technique that can be left in the future 100 years from now will be digitalized in the Internet.
I think dying is a journey into space.
And I hope we can post 1,000 videos to Youtube by then.

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