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Working people healing in Yoyogi Park

When we live our lives, the light of hope and the dark of disappointment always cross and we can not organize our hearts.
We are about to throw away everything we have now and reborn again.
Forgetting the meaning of happiness and being deceived by the opinions of the people and the world, we just want to make a profit and want to taste the luxury life.
I went out and prayed at the church because I got off my mind a while ago.
I used to spend a lot of time on the Internet, and I narrowed my point of view.
I am writing a blog now, thinking that I have to live strongly like myself with ambition.
Internet addicts are crazy about hate speeches, strikes and murders in the world and they are crazy.
I think that the most important thing in life is to be lavish in free space, human love and non-profit activities, not extravagant living and honor and huge wealth.
I intentionally lower my standard of living and do nothing but profit for the true pursuit of life.
Those who are devoted every day in the field of art and learning are trying to contribute to the evolution of humanity and that is my ideal lifestyle.
I am not going to deny people living in huge business for status or honor but I want to leave intangible cultural heritage for future generations.
I feel that the world is not united because I can not keep up with the speed of information that changes every hour.
While taking a walk I thought to forgive the meaning of life and the fault of human being in the afternoon sun and it is important to deny myself.
We thought that we had to be careful about the mass media, and we believed that what we were seeking was not a sense of superiority or exclusive love.
If you live in society you lose your strengths and we have to keep up with the demands every day.
After a job interview, I returned to Yoyogi Park and got back on the train after being healed by the natural trees in Yoyogi Park.
I hate to walk on asphalt roads in high buildings, and the place I seek is still a natural place.
I can be honestly convinced that there is a natural area in a city like New York or Paris and I hate urban living.
I moved to a city to work in the video editing industry, but society has not evaluated my work and work so far and I am disappointed in society.
There are a lot of people who are doing bad work without being able to fulfill their dreams, and I think that I should compromise with them and work for life.
I want to be obediently supportive to the human being who works hard with the actors, actresses, singers and politicians because I am a challenger like myself.
I thought it would be more efficient to decide the conclusion first and proceed with things, but I think that there are absolutely many unexpected happenings in my life.
We think that we should not live with an excessive sense of expectation, but think that we have to decide only the distinction between Yes and No clearly.
I feel greatness behind people walking walking in the cold urban wind I want to respect the losers who try again.
When I use the Internet, I first collect the latest information on the live Youtube channel.
The videos on Youtube are selected with the latest posting date, and I think that we should always be aware of current events and assess information.
It is important to pause and it is absolutely useless to post a slander comment on the internet all day long and I am always adjusting.
I practice speaking out loud so that I can give a confident presentation at a big lecture in a large park.
Practicing English pronunciation under the trees in Yoyogi Park, I am working hard to become a good person.
In order to break the introverted my own personality I am courageous and practice the performance in front of the masses in the park.
I thought it would be a shame to visit the park simply to heal my heart and I thought that my necessary skill was still to be a diplomatic person.

Practicing English Speaking at Park Square

The reason I can not learn English all the time is because I could not study at a higher education institution, and it is not easy to learn a language by myself.
I have tried language learning with all kinds of educational materials but it has no effect.
Memorizing the words of other languages ​​desperately in the home country is difficult for the adolescents and it is a short term study period after all.
I sat there because there was a bench under the trees while I was meeting someone in Yoyogi Park.
Because I had my own camera, I thought I would like to record English speaking practice scenes as videos and upload them to Youtube.
I practiced hard to pronounce difficult L and R and tried hard to produce results.
Since I could switch to subtitle display by uploading a video to Youtube, I decided to have AI evaluate my English pronunciation.
Anyway, I practiced my poor English pronunciation many times and I was trying to fix my introverted character and become a new self.
Anyway, I thought it was important to experience and embody, and I tried to deny myself and become a longing existence.
I would like to recommend speaking practice in the park to young people who try to learn English.
I think I can understand Americans if I speak English so I can appeal to others with feelings and I want to speak fluent English.
Because there is a lot of people in Yoyogi Park on Saturday afternoon, I think that the best opportunity is to practice speaking at a large park square on holidays and holidays.
I felt the preciousness of life while sitting on a park bench looking at the distant sky and thought to take care of a one-time life.
It’s important to try because you don’t want to regret, but it’s not enough to ignore real problems.
I want to solve the severe problems and accumulate steady actions to get a great chance to challenge the world stage.
I just struggle with reality now and I think I have to take risks in the absence of mental and financial resources.
People all over the world don’t think they have enough power to survive and live, and everyone has to survive.
The street performers on the street near Harajuku station don’t make a loud voice, which means that I have a chance to win.

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