Spirit and physical balance sense

Spirit and physical balance sense

I always feel that we are obliged to maintain the balance between mental and physical. While reading all kinds of literature human life as mountain and village and there is always a time of good and bad times. The state in which the mind is kept silent is the mental state that human beings should originally have, and knowing what kind of person himself is the necessary knowledge by living first for the best. To live according to circumstances is easy temporarily but maintaining harmony with others in the long term is very painful and not natural. Tackling something after understanding the essence of thinking becomes a consideration for the future and becomes a bridge to tomorrow. What to encourage to live everyday it is necessary for you to have something like your own living vitality before chasing your dream. It is possible to say that economic success does not lead to happiness because the living figure of the poor people of emerging countries such as India and china looks beautiful. Those that are indispensable for living are sufficient for human beings and those that are happy to be mentally elevated. After all, I think that everyone has a place like a final goal and everyone had the obligatory elements of life from the beginning, which must continue to run hard until the end. If you are not growing even a little in your everyday life you will be bored out and it is no doubt that fulfillment and a sense of an accomplishment are the living vitality for you now. However, although I see the news everyday, it is true that I feel disappointed with my current world every time and every time I get scolded by the sad news of the days vitality. If food, clothing, shelter can be done without any disadvantage, it is certain that human beings can be kept in a stable state mentally and physically, but it will never eventually be the final form of the happiness.

The value of happiness held by everyone by the influence of the majority of mass media is incorrect and there is always a necessary to firmly think about the form of real happiness by setting time a little, and without fear of loneliness, there is a need to put a distance. Once you remember what time you are comfortable for everyone, you can earn some profit about how to live.

. The moment when I got up from the bath

. The moment you master something

. The moment when you have finished talking with someone

. The moment of entering the house

. The moment when my physical condition got better

. The moment the mind calmed down

We are living a moment. Happiness will happen in the moment. For that moment it may be that we have to work hard towards happiness again.

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