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We are not moving towards the future but making the past

The future depends on past history and activities, and I have the theory that past investment is the asset of the future. I am convinced that the future will definitely get dark if I live long without playing hard, saving my money and investing when I was young when I was young. I understand that it is important to acquire the ability to live in society by taking on challenges, stimulation, and experiences while young. Anyway, I am investing a lot while I am young and working hard every day to prepare for the future. I have a trivial desire, I can understand the secular sensibility and sense, and I was not originally a highly rare person. I think that by making one’s own value highly scarce, I can win in a highly competitive society and I can squeeze the true meaning. If you work from the beginning under the premise that things do not go well, you feel that growth will come from turning to a good direction and avoiding meeting low desires. Anyway, the most worrying thing is the money if you think how you can live life without inconvenience in old age. If you live in a capitalist free economy society there is freedom but no guarantee.

Tech Jobs and Freedom and Assets

I want to get very new video editing software now but it’s difficult because I don’t have enough money. It’s up to you to think of what to call success, and I think it’s an honest view that there is no answer in life. I understand that the reason I’m trying to study foreign currency transactions is basically to make the principal and I always need the principal before I start doing things. We need to understand more simply that revenue numbers are not profitable and that it is more accurate and how products and currencies fall. I believe that it is safe to assert that it is not possible to contribute money or support a family while maintaining one’s living standard with labor income. Anyway, daily information gathering is difficult and you can easily acquire knowledge and experience on the Internet. What I feel in crisis is the living standard level of the old man of the present age and it is my own old age in the future. I’m not looking for money, I think it’s a sense of stability to stabilize one’s own spirit.

Become an economic theorist rather than becoming a demon

I have no sympathy for my father or mother who has lamented her status as poor I have a natural attitude to ask for isolation from my parents and there is no malicious intent. I can respect my parents who have acted while thinking about strategies, but my parents are lazy people, demeaning people and nervous people. If you think things in a clear form, if you proceed things theoretically you can increase the probability of hitting a prediction. I understood the importance of mental care only a few years ago, and I have to learn from past failed experiences that I would like to advocate for everyone. I believe that by combining the two incomes of labor income and business income, we can foster adoption, broaden the scope of creative activities, and stabilize the spirit and become more tolerant to others. I think that it is the best status if I increase the principal by labor income and raise the investment power in a rewarding work and I aim at there. In short, anyone can work on the main job while making the internet business a sideline, or study while working.

The mechanism of things called causal rewards is correct

Modern elderly people who continue to save

Anyone can understand that the low standard of living of the elderly people around the world is evident. The appearance of shopping in the supermarkets of old people who live in old age with National Pension premiums and small assets looks very humorous. I don’t say that doing luxury and living in the old age is correct, but I want funds that I can travel at least once a year. After all, the living conditions of old people who have invested a lot of time and effort in the past seem rich. I think the difference between poor old men and rich old men is the amount they have been working on in the past, and I notice their past. It is a premise that the act of playing has mental and financial capacity, and there are conditions. I do not intend to evacuate the elderly people who are in procession on the sale day, but in fact they think that the economic situation is never rich. When I was shopping at a supermarket this morning, the body odor of the old man next to me was very stinky. The smelly old man was hard at sorting vegetables at the vegetable shop. Perhaps such an old man is financially painful and can not use the bath satisfactorily and can not clean his body and emits a smelly smell. I do not know whether the old man can study business but feels that it is difficult. I think the living conditions of old people who can not live by pension premiums and assets alone are very severe. I’m interested in what the past actions of the old man doing the induction guard were. I can understand what happens if we live according to the fixed concept. It is important to look ahead and live because the present, the past and the future are different. Probability theory is justified that I will win if 51% win rate is established, but successful people do not take risks.

The importance of arranging and fluctuating to broaden capacity

I feel that it is easy to define by being a fateist. I think I can change my destiny by changing my own natural judgments and decisions. At first, I would suffer from unnatural judgments and decisions, but I think that it will be customary to be reborn by producing different results than before. It is true that I was angered by my mother’s grandfather’s retirement life. It is a big mistake to worship the immediate parents as absolute. It would be better to live with a high humanity in the calculations, and it is important to keep looking for the cause and keep trying after the results. I want to spend time and effort on good things before I become an old man and I think everyone should do it. As the world’s population is growing, we are expecting that it will be nonsense that leaving off offspring in reproductive activity is likely.

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