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I am sorry for the people who died this time in a church in Sri Lanka

I saw an image of blood on a church chair and I felt anxiety and fear.

I was thinking that I should think about and act in this shocking case as a Christian believer.

Can I just stand by the incident of killing Christians by other religions?

Sri Lankan people were watching the Christians carried by ambulance in sadness.

It is not difficult to share the feeling of loving and respecting God, we should be sympathetic.

When will the terrorist killings of Asian countries end?

If you live in the recognition that life is precious, you do not know how to deal with the people who lost their lives by the murder case.

It is my daily routine to read the first chapter before bedtime by placing the Bible next to bet.

God may be cash for a less religious modern person, or it is just a tragedy.

Every morning I witness a walking figure of a business man suffering from spiritual poverty in exchange for financial wealth.

More than anything, it may be justified to reduce working hours to secure freedom.

The hope of those who go to Sunday service is God and believers believe in God anyway.

Under such circumstances, the believers were killed by terrorists in front of God in the church.

I do not think that we should not believe in the spiritual world as a realist until the end.

Maybe I’m convinced that the cause of being a social incompatibility is that he thinks God first and hates the world.

We can only believe that living freely without becoming a greed is because we are protecting God’s teachings.

The public’s interest is that the devil’s Satan’s mischief work, and he recognizes that people who are not religious believers are devil’s Satan’s puppets.

Books that have been translated into the languages of the world are still only the Bible, and anyone can get the Bible.

I feel that the eyes of the Christians who distribute the Bible in front of the station show the form of God’s salvation.

Still the public does not stop but says somewhere to fulfill their desires.

It is a fact that salvation can have a lesson to be happy at any time before our eyes.

I read the Bible a little and slept after I learned about Sri Lankan intelligence on a news program.

I will always read the Bible and try to regain normality in situations where I can not understand or organize my mind.

Using living expenses to go to the church will take dozens of times more risk than going to church.

If there is a way to heal a tired heart and body for free, I think it is to walk or exercise.

And everyone should be aware that humans are the existence of lost lambs who always want to be led by someone.

Now I am standing by the pedestrian who can be seen from inside the coffee shop and counting the number of eyes without the cityman’s soul.

I will imagine the feelings of the people of Sri Lanka now and relatives of the victims of this case.

There are certainly modern people who recognize the sad incidents of other countries as others and I am not going to judge anyone.

I don’t say anything to people who are saying they’re doing enough to satisfy their desires.

If you have doubts about the hundreds of hearts passing by, you should attend the church on Sunday.

There are no religious disputes in Northeast Asian countries, and most Northeast Asians are non-religious and have bias towards religious people.

In a capitalist nation, there are people who are doing religious activities with a religious mind and we North East Asian gods are money and parents.

Northeast Asian interpersonal relationships are always uncomfortable as the finger-to-finger gap is sticky.

After all, urban people all over the world do not recognize the intelligence of other countries as a serious incident and are processing heartbreaking information sadly.

What I want to recommend to everyone above all is to be lonely.

First of all, you can be alone and you can see what you couldn’t see by thinking and understanding all things yourself.

I’m expecting that maybe a tie on the neck might be the last thing today.

There is a style of my own economic activity, and I think it would be better if I could create an environment suitable for myself.

I decided in the moment when I recognized my own existence seriously thinking and suffering from sad events in other countries.

I thought that one by one of the words of people thousands of kilometers away could not fully understand grief.

We feel that our modern people have a sense of having been completely paralyzed against the tragedy reported daily.

It is a reckless act to throw everything away and try something, and I think everyone must make a sound judgment.

It is a famous story in Christianity that the story of Jesus Christ giving away all his wealth as a donation was greater than anyone else.

I think that collecting information is a process to make self-processing once to judge the value of information and use information, but Christianity does not require self-processing.

It’s really easy to be happy if you do not think of anything and understand the teachings of the Bible as it is.

I think I must always feel the presence of God who helps modern people being kept dancing by idols and trend fashion.

Sri Lanka is a neighboring country of India and rich in nature and a friendly country to me.

I have never personally interacted with Indian people, but it is true that Japanese people are very familiar with food culture.

If you look at the figure of Sri Lankan adolescents who live vigorously, you will think of things like the true meaning of living.

I feel extremely vital to the morning rush hour commuter rush in Sri Lanka and the lively appearance of the people.

We should live while feeling the moment, as the trivial events of everyday life become a glorious memory.

I am absolutely convinced that the lives of the dead Christians are eternal.

I imagine that they will always pass on eternal life from God and be full of happiness now.

Yoyogi park

It was a nice day for exercise as the temperature was so high from daytime.

I’m sitting on a bench in the modern park and writing a blog….

I am thinking about this week’s schedule without worrying about people passing by…..

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