Status quo


Status quo

I want to change the current situation.
But practical problems are hindering the purpose.
I have been desperately thinking about a solution to the problem.
He wants to change his life and his social class.
We catch the reality that we cannot reach the goal even if we try.
I find it very difficult to achieve my goals without the help of my family and friends.

Lonely life

I realize that my theme is biased.
And I want to make a work with a more positive theme.
What you gain from building relationships is joy, but you must also get anger and sadness.
It is not easy to let go of this stress-free life.
Marriage and having children are nonsense given the practical issues.
Everyone tries to endure loneliness, but most people run away from loneliness.
I have no choice but to be passionate about my own hobbies.

Boredom suffering

I have no debt.
You don’t have to pay child support because you don’t have your own children.
Now I don’t have to work every day to feed my family.
She suffers from unchanging lifestyles and boredom in her lifestyle.
It is a luxury suffering.
You have to be conscious of reason to not be a slave of emotion.
People who can feel the bliss of Sunday holidays work for their families every day.

A true artist or citizen

I am not yet used to a true artist.
Therefore, they become conscious of the opposite sex.
It is true that you still need a successful experience.
It is not difficult to continue expressing without being evaluated, but it is useless.
I do not want to deny doing creative activities for my self-satisfaction.
But recently I myself suffer from an unsuccessful dilemma.
Living with savings does not last long.
I am a lonely man wearing an artist and citizen mask.

Don’t court for long

I recommend not courting for a long time.
So I am convinced that personal tastes remain basically the same.
Well I keep my commitment.
And I do not intend to change my own philosophy or thinking.
I understand that everyone is looking for love.
We live in various situations and avoid living together.
After all, I have to feel the pain of maintaining the status quo.

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