Stay hungry, stay foolish, I want to fail until die

I want to fail

I want to fail and fall
I want to keep failing to be successful
I do not sleep because I fail
Don’t make her to fail
Do not study to fail
Do not imagine yourself successful to fail
Recently I thought that I had to notice and change my perception of my own existence that did not fail
I regret that I have given up on acting for someone or in accordance with the world
I would like to think that the existence of oneself that can be excited only by thinking about the future is the original oneself
The moment I see the morning sun that I can see from this city, I will come back and die tonight
I feel I have to think about the right conditions for the right people and I have not abandoned my coolness
I’m always trying to feel hope and disappointment, and every time I’m disappointed I’m looking for a passionate word
I have been frustrated with Japanese society for several years, but I forgot the essential items of life’s happiness
I wanted vacation and she wanted but in the past I didn’t want the job I like
Looking for a vacation is a proof that you are not doing your favorite job
I looked at a video on the subject of what was success and I thought about life’s success
Last night in the futon I was thinking about making full use of my thinking
Success means getting a lot of money
Success means marrying your favorite heterosexual
There is no theory of success equal rich in the quotes of successful people all over the world
I’m aiming to get out of the working class but I just do not want to make life easier
There are various possibilities, but I decided to look at myself objectively to find the original matchbase of my own
I thought it would be okay to continue failing and end life
I remembered the weak voice of the receptionist in charge of the job interview reservation corresponding on yesterday’s phone
Even though we understand the theory that life is an experience and not every day is fine, we seek a life of fine weather
I can understand the human tendency of people who don’t challenge because they don’t want to fail and get mental damage
However, there is a pain of boredom in stable life, and we go out to shopping malls and amusement parks and try to escape from the pain of boredom life
I finished my five days of training in the company and have a life of freedom again and realize the importance of freedom
The value and risk of the challenge was not a risk, I was thinking that I firmly accepted my own mind and developed a strong mental mind
It feels like it can’t be helped if you’re playing the uninteresting movie hero of maintaining the status quo
I’m just searching for the field and I can be convinced that it’s my own responsibility even if I become a vagrant
I felt that I would commit suicide someday if I lived on Japanese religious hardships
I wish I could be 100% dynamic challenger life-size and I live now
I want to starve to act with a sense of obsession with failure
Sometimes I too popularize and stop trying to represent a stop thinking
I think that people tend to get fat if they give up and do not have stable income, tension and anxiety
It is a fact that predicament makes people grow
That’s why I decided to leave the country’s hometown in March of this year, move to the city and try to be a challenger
However, I do not advocate absurdity because I understand the social system of reality and know the relationship between the give and take of human society
Having made a change, I wanted to break away from excuses and vulgar conversations heard from the world of lazy people
Living with a dream is not a sin or a law.
My way of life is wrong for modern society, modern people and the public
But my way of life is not wrong for me
According to Jobs’s quote to follow the voice of the mind I have therefore moved to the city and invested to gain skills
Contingency, failure and anxiety will attack our spirit, but I think we can only fight back by challenging
I thought it would be better to live on the premise of failing and ending my life
I receive energy from the challenger because I can never raise motivation in everyday life
Someday I hope to be a person who can give the public the energy of motivation
We cherish that we continue to sow and sacrifice now for future success harvest in one small room in this town
I want to send good luck to you who spend a lot of time trying to feel the light of a moment of glory
I tell myself to seek intangible success with the courage to dive into the ocean
I have been an idiot to challenge in a while and continue to be ignored by the public
Even if I keep being ignored by the public I have no desire to stop the challenge and listen to the voice of the public
I want to believe in myself and love myself like Gogh and Jobs even if the public continues to be ignored and incriminated
I am satisfied with failing because I am satisfied with the current situation

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