Step by step


Step by step

Tip 1

Assemble practical knowledges

Tip 2

Think of strategy

Tip 3


Tip 4


Tip 5

Data analysis


Repeat this series!!!!

Everyone wants money for desire. Nobody wanna be labor. Sorry I don’t make you guys very comfortable. I don’t lie to people.
I was decided to write down in blog site and total number of words are 1890 and I’ll let you know about me uncommon person’s perspective and add art pictures to sentences from today. Basically I totally was lacking of SEO’s knowledges for spreading readers. I had been rethinking of how to progress and improving oneself’s growth. Every successors may have chosen the difficulty way to living I guess. Then I thought that you just must keep on knocking glory door until be unlocked door. Nowadays somewhat I have been thinking about trendsetter or something like sense of humor. I am now doing SEO analyze it day by day and viewing the graph of PV a day. Uh-huh certainly I need to learn and take some experiments to know failure. That’s make sense!!!!


Now I think Japan rugby team are researching for Scotland team’s condition or trends. For win that every rugby teams are currently driven crazy of opponent team’s defection and anything. Simply making efforts everyday is becoming self-satisfaction I realized. My future themes are researching and analyzing.
What about your future themes for reaching your goal?

Move in 0 seconds

Ability to take action

Highly behavior is leading successful.

Black rist of self-satisfaction

  • Open laptop in cafeteria and work while drinking coffee
  • Mass production without improvement
  • Continue to promote uniqueness


yasunari kayama

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