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Youtuber asking oneself

Talking about something in front of the camera is a kind of unusual act.
The closed attitude of people in modern society may be creating a person who speaks alone in front of a camera in a single room.
I myself sometimes make and post YouTube videos that show myself.
However, I cannot pursue quality very much.
But I think it’s a kind of video diary.

New YouTube video content

The spirit of providing goods and services for free without selling them changes lives
And the reason for keeping the game within 5 seconds is to enable valuable time in life

My suggestion of Janken game

1 Explanation of Janken for beginners

2 Send the Janken forecast by direct mail

3 hours later update the video again and remove the prone by answering

4 Enter the date and the keyword of the topic news on the prone board

5 If you are correct, subscribe to the channel and click the high rating button

Estimated next update time (within 24 hours)

1 Set the schedule for the first update time and expect it

2 Answerers who have been in the middle of the two are treated like Janken

Vocabulary of Steve Jobs

A good artist imitates.
Great artists steal.
We have greed for great ideas.
Will you sell sugar water for a lifetime?
I began to see the affinity between the Western world and rational thinking, and the strange parts of the Western world.
I decided to keep my life from money.
A true artist to ship.
If you want to be an artist and have a creative life, it’s not good to recall the past.
You can choose to make something that sells or get a job.
When you choose a life-dividing path, you know that the most reliable thing is to die someday.
All of the surrounding expectations, prides, bad thoughts and fear of failure go away when they face death.
And what is really important remains.
If you have the consciousness of dying one day, you won’t have to worry about losing something.
People are vulnerable.
There is no reason not to follow your heart.

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