Stop tree planting activities

Stop tree planting activities

Currently, tree planting activities have been suspended.
It is due to bad weather due to climate change.
And I had to stop the work because of more than a month of rain.
Although it has stopped raining only in the morning, it continues to rain again in the afternoon.
I was thinking about reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by planting trees on remote islands.
However, it turns out that the amount of carbon dioxide emission in the continental area is higher than expected.
Even in this emergency, people will not let go of the greenhouse gas.
I’m thinking about creating the deadliest virus with 100% lethality.
Non-profits today run to avoid lazy attitude.
The average age of members is around 40.
Further efforts need to be taken to prevent future global warming.
I am wondering whether they will pay the burden or the public will be punished.

Transportation of work materials on remote islands and continental areas

The main purpose of this animation is environmental issues and humans.
Mainly their activity is to block forestation and huge business activities.
But they have various problems.
It’s a huge amount of activity funds and excessive effort.
In fact, they are always naked because of the mitigation of the global environment.
It is important to live on earth without generating the greenhouse effect.
Their activity funds are so exhausted that they cannot afford to spend extra clothes.
In particular, it is the transportation of activity materials from the continent to remote islands.
The maintenance costs for actually planting trees and turning into a woodland are extremely high.
I have a hard time developing a story while maintaining the real world.
It changes the real world into an unreal world due to unrealistic events and changes in characters.

4th grade elementary school education

When I was in elementary school, there were already warnings about global warming.
At that time, I remember planting plant seeds in my home garden due to the feeling of global warming.
As of 2020, the adverse effects of global warming have surfaced.
When a Swedish girl heard anorexia nervosa due to social problems, she recalled me from my childhood.
The only way I can contribute to future people in my middle age is to send animated messages.

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