Stop working

Stop working

From today 1th october I am going to make career change and stop working temporarily.

We all people must working for living I think and need to take patient little bit. However you should to improve own skill for achievement and expectation in future.

The most important thing is permanent plan for further future

I really would love to believe such as humanity and how wonderfully loving each other thing is. Then we need to take sometime to enjoy life and rethink something and feel about something new. But I couldn’t recommend you quitting job or dropping out something. Just want you to make sense on lifetime.

What do you want?

  • Handsome man?
  • Beautiful woman?
  • Fame?
  • Happy dairy life with family?
  • Billionaire asset?
  • Eating favorite meal everyday?
  • Having party every night until death?

My answer is expectation, achievement, impression.
I would suggest you something.
thanks a lot
God bless you

yasunari kayama

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