Stop working is goodness for us sometimes


Red light

Most people ignore the red lights and try to cross the intersection
The heart of people who can not wait
Well I have patience and stop when red light
You know I feel it important to wait in my life
I see a lot of traffic lights because there are many jobs outside
Something makes our life appear busy
There are people who ignore the signal and people who follow the traffic light at work every morning
People who ignore the rules of society and follow the rules of the company
I think I have to become an adult to be a sample of children

Waiting for the maturity of life

Every day musicians try to find the best melody and try to create hits
Movie directors are constantly looking for new ways of depiction
However, I feel that human expressive power has limitations
The top musicians’ representative songs are a few songs, and the remaining thousands are bad works
I think it is not easy to make a masterpiece even if I try to make several masterpieces
So I have to wait for the mature period
It is difficult to actively search for a method of expression, and it ends up with a useless result
I think I can not but get inspirational tips in my daily life

I was staring at the color of the red light
I’m thinking about the future after a few minutes while waiting for a green light
I’m trying to stay cool while waiting for a green light
I think people who can not control sadness or anger can not wait
Perseverance may be the key to life’s success

Upload videos every month
Release a new song every month
Submit a plan book to the company every month
The attitude of seeking profits in a hurry may be the root of low desires
The process of giving birth and giving birth to a child is 10 months
The time to sow seeds in the field and sprout is next year

I think it is a good thing to live on a lesson that nothing can be obtained by rushing
It is ridiculous to make things for financial desires and honors
Artists are not involved in the industry
I am returning home and drawing a dream in my hometown

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