Stop working is goodness, stop thinking is crisis


My word today

If you don’t want to work, you don’t have to work

It’s basic thing that you don’t have to work so hard and paying sacrifice.
I just serving in a communities and society and I know how important thing working is.
But you know working without purpose or purely is wasting and nonsense for us.
Working for living, working for pleasure which one you would like to choose?
Certainly your correct answer is working for pleasure.

Stop working is starting rethink over

Stop working is making to think over for a long time.
I can’t afford to advise you to quit job for it but it’s true.
In my case that I don’t have debts and own family, kids, employees. I am free and single person that’s effective.
You know non creative job is just repeating the same work for 8 hours or moreover.
Everyone is willing to hate it and avoid to work overtime and holiday work.
So I am telling you to rethink over of working and lifestyle and stop working.

I don’t care of other opinions

I just would say it that not allow to waste times for nonsense.
Stop thinking is crisis for us you know why.

Yes stop working, No stop thinking

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