In various times

It is natural for people to live in a suitable place

It is impossible to keep calm in chaotic circumstances

It is because I was doomed after all

People all make up the ideal world

The rhythm of things that only goes to be mad

You should not be depressed enough that you can not make a joke

I do not know how long it is that there is something to do

What we want is merely a painful coincidence

I do not know what you are looking for

I have nothing to convince

Trying to live with God ‘s desire

We are suffering from our own composition

What we are seeing may be strict

I understand that the body is eroded day by day

I walked on reliance on susceptibility but I started noticing it was a mistake two years ago

It might be good to adventure

You can move in a direction that does not match yourself

There are not many things that will convince yourself

As one of the residents of the city I do not mind what I feel

There is too much to get angry with someone

The convenience of someone is inconvenient for me

Lives lived by that ceremony

I feel like I want to spit out everything I can spit

I think that I can live while killing my feelings

There is lots of things I felt in the long silence

There is never a shape in there

Life is a long tunnel with no exit

Someone noticed that common daily life is the real happiness

It is meaningless to do another roundabout way

I feel like I was brought up in an environment that is disadvantaged

After all I myself can not become a runner connecting life

I can not declare that secular success is not everything

I realize that I can definitely have a boring and stable life if I do theoretical way of life

There may not be my guardian god in this world

I am comparing life in front of the intersection

I was born and raised in a human gathering that breaks others’ smiles and dreams

I would like to tell someone that I can not be Buddha if I continue to hold back on people

I do not have any other dreams I want to grant

When people walk in a cold wind something looks beautiful

It is said that no one can answer even if it is told that something is being truncated

Everyone is wandering around the city seeking empathy and resonance

The company is looking for a good talent

What the university wants is a rich son and daughter

What God is asking for is human good will

The information gathering should do first than reckless action

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