Strength training becomes mentally stable

Strength training becomes mentally stable

I have experience with judo and amateur wrestling in the past
I think martial arts were suitable for my muscular body
Especially for judo, I feel that it is a great martial art that can grow very spiritually
What is a tranquilizer for you?
Do you know the importance of having a normal heart?
I am doing strength training and aerobic exercise to relieve anger, sadness and motivation
I think that it is difficult to maintain strong mental power when immersed in a comfortable space
I feel the finite time of life every time I watch the watch
24 hours a day, half of that time is spent sleeping
So I am thorough to get up early
For several years I have been getting a habit of creating oil paintings early in the morning
I think it was good to have maintained the lifestyle of going to work after working at 5am in the early morning

Healthy body and theory construction

I think that most people in the world live in a state of thinking
In my case I had many opportunities to become lonely and look at myself
So I was able to realize my life early and get out of an unreasonable social space.
Because Japan is a non-religious country, many principles and claims are based on personal life experiences
I don’t rely on my own experience at all because my spirit comes from Christianity
However, in today’s society where there are many victims of mass media, maintaining a healthy body and building a theory is very important.
Drink plenty of water every day and chop the cabbage during the day
I have the pride that I have read the Bible thoroughly
So I remember the Bible chapters every time I face a problem

How to stabilize

1 Exercise
2 Creating expectations and rebuilding
3 Secure escape

When you live your life, you face various problems
And our troubles are endless
It is important to secure a way out in a mentally difficult situation
What I learned from the teachings of the Bible is that there is no hard task in human trials and there is always an escape
You don’t have to keep trying hard and it means challenging
If we make a compromise, we are playing repeatedly to return to the stance to challenge again.
I am sure God is educated to challenge us

I think humans are naturally changing creatures and immutable states are unhealthy

It is important to change the environment before taking tranquilizers
You can never create high-quality works by creating in the house
That ’s why I ’m working in different places
When painting oil paintings, change places in the house, on the beach or in the forest
Resigning from the company and moving to a different company is changing the environment and seeking mental stability
If you live in the same environment and in the same relationship, you can never grow up
There is no special meaning to social activities, volunteer activities or creative activities with cause, and it may be for mental stability
Seeking countryside, urban or foreign is for mental stability
We are looking for a safe place but can’t find it
I think I have to keep moving to maintain mental stability

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