Stretching legs before bedtime

Stretching legs before bedtime


I stretch my legs for about 15 minutes before going to bed to get a good night’s sleep and take a deep breath to keep in mind. I advocate a speculation that if you watch a movie or watch a television document before you go to bed, you have a higher chance of being dreamed. I’m putting a dream story book under the pillow to specify the content of the dream or perusing the Bible. When I can not sleep I never eat or drink because I do not want to lead to illness by putting pressure on organs in the body after all. I think that there is a desire to live in an unrealistic world and want to dream good because everyone can be alone for only one night. I think that I can be healthy both physically and mentally by drinking water slowly and fasting and eating vegetarianism. Even with anxiety, if you go to a deep sleep all night, everyone is strangely restructured. While asking myself I am dedicated to job hunting and I understand the reasoning that if I choose an uncompromised attitude I will create a tough situation.

I am trying to make a theorist to embody my dream

I think it’s great to be in love and to be thrilled, and I think it’s the greatest entertainment for humans, but I know it’s not good enough just to look at dreams. I want to advocate to others that I should be a philosopher rather than becoming a dreamer. The best way to relax your mind is to have a good dream or to feel close to it.. I do not know what kind of trouble everyone has, but I try not to be influenced by the surroundings. Before I go to bed in a blanket, I like to think about life, society and people. I am asking myself how I should live in order to live seriously and I am working hard to try to dispel my uneasy feelings by self-enlightenment.

I will choose to climb a steep slope hahaha..

This week, I hope to go to Yoyogi Park to see the flowers again if the weather is fine and I feel well. If there are people in Japan who are looking at this blog, let’s have a Hanami together with me. I will be in front of the main gate of Yoyogi Park from noon to afternoon on April 6. I want to take photos, I want to get inspired, I need to always act and I take time to think that taking a nap is bad. I am in the midst of job hunting now and I am saving life, but I want to enjoy it anytime and I want to feel something I live. It is not strange to wonder what the meaning of your own existence is and it is not simply that feeling universal life is no good, I think so that.

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