Success is not goal


Eventually people won’t get satisfaction by success I think. It’s weird thing for general citizen but I think such a personal happiness means that you feel like yourself is getting potential from your efforts everyday.

Success is just point of progression

You don’t need to depress failures and should be keep on making efforts as well as you have done so far. People seem to find how to kill long time in life. Then some people’re may aiming at successful. There are absolutely plenty situations in this world, we are having some programs which kind of gift from lord. Is getting success mean that it will be giving ultimate comfortable? It’s never collect . You know achievement is same thing with success, you can’t compare these things. However both of things are able to make you feel good at temporary. It’s temporary happen. Therefore you gonna have to look for next task, theme, something new.

Success is not success

I tell you strange theory, not making success and on the way to goal is good point. We have to careful about mentality. Your feeding is main, what you feel grown-up by self-efforts is success I think. Surely it’s goodness to take awards but not real pleasure.

Our condition’s moving fractionally

  • Sometimes you’ve got sick
  • Sometimes your closed person make you sad
  • Sometimes you have nightmare
  • Sometimes your stressed thing press you

It’s going to make your condition good completely everyday. Everyday our first step is waking up. Well some people can’t afford to bear working I heard. You will take easy-life as well if you are supposed to accept difficult thing.

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