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Working conditions

  • I am thinking now that I think that the working conditions I must think absolutely are not wages, working hours and paid leave days. I realize that I am not satisfied with the current situation, and want to make my living and mental condition quick and stable, and I think that I have to think in the long run. In the premise of changing jobs in the future, I am trying not to be particular about the company or industry I will be finding a job from now on.

  • Migrated to Ukraine a few years later?

  • It was only a few days ago when I was thinking of moving abroad around 38 years old and started to consider the migration destination as Ukraine. What you have to consider when migrating abroad is visas, and you can not migrate abroad unless you pass the visa examination. Overseas migration is not an easy thing, but I understand that countries that are easy to migrate abroad are basically countries with declining population or stagnant economic power. In most cases, I’m going to move abroad for economic richness, but in my case I just want to simply challenge instead of going abroad for economic success or cross-cultural exchanges. I think that we should aim for overseas migration by creating a career with a job type that has high demand worldwide.

  • Video bridal, video editing, photography and web design

  • I can not decide, but I think that the type of job that I can work with is a shortcut to work abroad if I have a PC and internet access, and I have to get a work visa to move abroad. The type of job that can work as an active duty until the age of 70 or more differs depending on the type of job each person has, and you must find out for yourself. It will surely be a treasure if you record the clear image of the bride and groom on the big stage in the life of the wedding reception in the film and record it like a movie with excellent video editing. I am ineligible for marriage and I have no desire to marry, but I hope it would be nice to simply give people a wonderful commemorative picture. Taking a wedding at a cathedral in Ukraine will surely be a wonderful presentation.

  • Anyway, I have to improve my career in working in the city

  • I intend to acquire the necessary skills in the last few years and sell off all the material assets for migration abroad, I feel that the point of the present is a passing point and the theoretical interpretation is correct. But for the unpredictable future, I understand that things are not going to go on. In the course of time, experience will gradually be accumulated, and it is correct that everyone wants to be happy, and I hope that everyone is happy.

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